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Pirouette Master


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I ordered one of these for DD and arrived yesterday in fact. She is just getting to grips with it but I liked the fact that it seems to develop good habits of having standing foot in turned out position not parallel (which I think is the case with turn boards) and it allows you to progress to doing the pirouette on releve rather than flat foot.


Edited to add:


And no doesn't damage the wooden floor.

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I asked my DS who experimented extensively with one of these with his friends at school, he said none of them could get it to work in any way usefully. Not sure if they were using the wrong technique (how complex can it be?!) but I offer up the comment for what its worth.


It's a shame as I was thinking it might be a great idea for a christmas present (pirouettes is his least accomplished area) so am much saddened...

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That's what I was thinking of celib.  Bought dd a flexistretcher last year which she loves and uses loads.  She had her eye on a foot stretcher this year but £100 for a scary looking instrument??!


Then she saw this pirouette board so thought I might get that instead.

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Just thinking about it logically I dont see how a foot stretcher can be a good idea because the foot it being forced into an extreme position PASSIVELY rather than strengthened into it by working the muscles (as you would with a theraband). Surely this is the feet's equivalent of forcing hip turnout by applying manual external pressure. Yes, you may end up with a more extended foot/hip etc, but with weaker and possibly damaged joints.

Not that I am in any way an expert but ....


My DS uses a theraband for foot stretching and strengthening, as do all his friends (male and female).

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Hi Lemongirl - just to add that DD had a couple of goes over the weekend with the pirouette master and was pulling off clean triples. She seems to have got/be getting the hang of it. I think from what I have seen of the turn boards this is less stable which is why it make take longer to get the hang of, but the idea behind this is that it teaches you to find your balance/centre properly and then this can be applied when doing pirouettes without it, also it has the added function of allowing you to turn on releve and with the standing leg turned out, and I could be wrong but think that may not be the case with the turn boards?


Anyhow all in all, after a few attempts it she seems to be getting the hang of it. 

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