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RAD Adult Associates - Birmingham - February to May 2016


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These are non-syllabus masterclasses for male and female dancers at beginners or improvers level. Classes focus on technique, musicality and artistry to enhance performance skills.


Elmhurst School of Dance
249 Bristol Road
Birmingham B5 7UH

Sunday 7 February
Sunday 13 March
Sunday 17 April
Sunday 15 May
Attendees must be available for all four classes.


Improvers 1                                                          10.00-11.30am     £67
Improvers 2                                                          11.45am-1.15pm  £67
Focus on Technique and Body Conditioning        2.00-3.15pm        £56
Absolute Beginners                                               3.30-4.45pm       £56


Friday 8 January


Ali Maxwell, Angela Paul, Jenny Murphy, Jill Firth, Joel Morris, Rachel Hester & Silvia Jimenez

In order to keep these masterclasses running RAD need to receive applications before the closing date of 8 January. Ten days before the current phase they only had four applicants and they were going to cancel the adult classes when RAD had a flurry of late applications and interest has naturally grown during the phase. It would be easier for RAD to arrange studio bookings and faculty if all applications were received by the closing date where possible.

Application forms are available at www.rad.org.uk

Return completed applications as soon as possible to Louise Gould either via email or post.


Email lgould@rad.org.uk
Tel 01386 40935
Mobile 07554 457257

Visit RAD Midlands and East of England regional Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RADMidlandsandEastEngland

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This is the response I got from RAD:


The difference between Improvers 1 & 2 is simply ability / level. Both classes follow the classic ballet class format of barre & centre work.

Improvers 1 is aimed at Grades 3 to 5 and Improvers 2 is Intermediate (Grade 6 to 8).

We have a number of different teachers over the course of the phase and they decide how they are going to best bring out a particular artistic quality with each class that they teach.


The Body Conditioning class is also taken by different teachers each time. The exercises are specifically aimed at body conditioning for the ballet dancer with a focus on how to bring that technique into your daily ballet class.


Hope that helps

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