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  1. Unfortunately I don’t but I hope you manage to find something! Kind regards
  2. Both are e-tickets but I will also be watching should there be any problem
  3. Selling two tickets for tomorrow nights performance! Amphitheater upper slips Level 5 / Door 5E CC 29 and CC 30 each ticket £21.00
  4. Freed Pointe Shoes Brand new Forte Flex Size 4 XX (I am a UK Size 3) £11 Used Tring Park lilac Wear Moi leotard Ladies Medium - would also fit a small £3 SoDanca Black XS leotard - like new lace detail on the front and back £13 Grand Prix Ukraine Navy Leotard - Size S net details on the side £3 Capezio black leotard with criss cross back with black chiffon skirt attached (Skirted leotard) Size Small Petite Was made to order for graduation exam £15 Two black pull on chiffon skirts - One is a made to order with the back longer than the front Size S £7 - The other is from Grand Prix Ukraine Size XS/Sand is shorter £5 Vaganova Black character skirt - size S £8 £2.99 for Postage Please send me your email for photos!
  5. Saturday 17 August 2019, 7.30pm Don Q tickets x2 Upper Amphitheatre - Level 6, Door 6F Ticket T 66 Upper Amphitheatre - Level 6, Door 6F Ticket T 65 Each ticket £37
  6. Hello everyone! I still have the following leotards for sale and have added a few more items: White cotton CAPEZIO leotard with multiple criss crosses on the back SIZE - S £6 + £2.99 Postage Thick BLACK CAPEZIO leotard with open back SIZE - S £9 + £2.99 Postage LILAC DANSKIN LEOTARD with high hip cut - this leotard is beautiful. the thick straps have been sewn to shorten them but can easily be made longer if the thread is cut. Would fit an S £17 + £2.99 Postage Short Black wrap chiffon skirt Fits an S £5 + £2.99 HARMONIE BLACK Soft Warm up Wrap SIZE - S £15 + £2.99 Made to order - Hand knitted black with blue strips short shorts for warm up £10 + £2.99 Postage DANSKIN short warm up shorts -amazing quality ( includes 10% mohair ) SIZE - S £11 + £2.99 Postage BLOCH EYAL LEOTARD FOR SALE size S IN BLUE - HAS A TINY HOLE FROM A PIN FROM AUDITION NUMBER £10+£2.99 POSTAGE Mirella leotard in dark purple Size S Price: £10 + £2.99 Postage A blue made to order leotard with a criss cross back (yumiko style leotard) Fits an S £20 + £2.99 postage (open to offers) Mirella baby blue leotard SIZE - Petit Price £5 + £2.99 Postage Black sauna 3/4 length warm up playsuit SIZE - XS £5 + £2.99 postage BLACK PLUME WARM UP PLAYSUIT - size S £7 + £2.99 Postage Light pink BLOCH leotard with open back and clip at the top SIZE - S £13 + £2.99 Postage Please drop me a message with your email and I will be happy to send you all the photos!
  7. Hello everyone! I am looking for 2 tickets for Bolshoi Don Q 16th evening or 17th evening. If anyone is selling please let me know!
  8. Grey Bloch leotard and freed purple warm up now gone!
  9. Hello! Please send me your email so I can send you the photos!
  10. Navy Bloch Leotard sold. I am also selling a BLACK PLUME WARM UP PLAYSUIT - size S £7 + £2.99 Postage
  11. Hello! Could you please send me your email through message so I can send it to you? Thanks!
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