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  1. Reverencing to the Presence and partner is a thing in historical dance, removal of hat, shuffling around, putting hat back on. Not too dissimilar to salutes in fencing.
  2. Real class has restarted. Thought I'd pop along to the new conditioning class. I mean what could possibly go wrong? To my horror there is the prospect of therabands... er, I might need close supervision to avoid self strangulation.
  3. I was particularly impressed by T-Rex tendu derriere. Negotiating that tail looked tricky.
  4. That was so funny. But also so special because making the mundane like sitting down look so beautiful and to create that comedy as they do.. joyous!
  5. Peck’s Pulcinella Variations was fun to watch and some of the variations had a Baroque feel to music and dance. Perhaps not really what the choreographer wanted or desired, I'd like to have seen more of that chaotic, ribald and subversive element that commedia dell'arte brings; the costumes show this. I''m left wondering whether some of the variations really encouraged the potential for sardonic foolery and satire that can edge into darkness?
  6. Oh, my - I have never seen anything like this in my life - just awesome and moving in many ways. And in these times poignant. What does happen when the music stops?
  7. I enjoyed a lot of the movement in this piece; those velvety, sumptuous fondue transitions that had a quality of liquid (or stringy mozzarella) that seemed to ripple. I wasn't quite sure of the narrative, if there was one, which sort of left a gap for me. Was I watching nature? Why can't we have more of the shaggy things? What was the meaning or do I have to create one by engaging with the dance in some way?
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