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  1. The cut off date for sending back the online form/photo/signing t&c's etc for those who got a 'yes' is 1st July so those on waitlist might start hearing back shortly after then. Best of luck to those on the waitlist.
  2. Hi Nicky73 - Congratulations! My son will be in that class too. 😊
  3. Yes, I'll be looking for joggers elsewhere for my DS as it's always a trouble having to find some with a slim enough or at least adjustable waistband. Everything drowns him. Plus as they are plain they'll probably be cheaper elsewhere too. M&S school range navy joggers might be worth looking at - my eldest daughter wears their boys school trousers because they are one of very few places that do them in tall and slim (as well as many other height and build variations). I've just looked at the leotards on the RBS shop and I'm stuck on sizing there too. At least there seems to be an easy returns process.
  4. Hi, has anyone put through their uniform order yet? (I was looking to do it online via the Express Dance website rather than via the order form/email) Any idea how the zip up sweatshirt sizes up compared to high street store clothing? My boy is 9 but very small and I think the 9-11 will drown him. I'm already having to order two sizes with the trunks (he measures 19-20inch waist but surely won't be the smallest size?! - though he does usually wear a 1 in footless ballet tights and shorts). Eek!!
  5. Hi CrazyDanceMum - congratulations to your DD. I agree - very overwhelmed here too. 😰 Does anyone know what JA1 means? Is that just the class? He's 9 and we chose London 24 sessions as first choice and 32 as second (due to travelling distance), got the 24. Are the classes mixed (boy girl and ages)? I'm a bit clueless to how it all works. Thanks.
  6. Hi Lara Eschler. Thank you. And huge congratulations to your DS too! Looking forward to meeting you all and my DS is really looking forward to making some new friends. It's still bit of a whirlwind for us as we had no expectation of DS getting in (his first audition experience and we were using as an insight and bit of experience for another audition he was attending the week after) - it's all very exciting! And a bit scary.
  7. Hi ExBallerina, was this in London and for a place in London? If so I think your DS used to do ballet with my littlest DD I didn't see you there or I'd have popped over and said hi. Congratulations!
  8. Hi, Newbie here. My DS got accepted for London (24) for yr 5. He apparently made a couple of friends in the audition room but cannot remember their names or numbers - he's hoping a few might have made it through too. My DS was number 98 (we think...I didn't get a photo and neither of us can actually remember for sure...oops). London 3 Group 4. He was the little curly-haired, mixed-race boy. We were sat near the front (myself and my big DD).
  9. Hi! Newbie here. My DS was successful for London JA (yr 5 - 24 sessions). I'll have a ton of questions soon I'm sure (just received the information pack so still digesting it all) but just wanted to introduce ourselves first.
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