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  1. She could definitely get a mids place without going to finals. It’s got to be a really good sign that the video has been looked at again. Fingers crossed. From what I’ve heard a few of the Jas from London have a place at WL so that would open up a few spaces on the London mids anyway xx
  2. Oh that’s interesting! When was that? Did your DC go to finals? Xx
  3. Yes I was hoping this week but maybe we’ll have to wait until after the school zoom auditions that are on the 19th. So maybe later next week?? X
  4. Hi! Yes I’m let to believe that the mids results will be soon now. This year is a little different though and they still have some candidates for the school to audition on zoom, the ones that couldn’t make it to the live finals. I’m not sure whether this will affect the mids results but let’s hope not 🤞 There’s another thread that’s talking about this also, the white lodge making a video audition thread but you may have to sift through a lot of stuff 🤣
  5. They must have really liked her then. That’s amaZing to be seen on the online intensive well done to her! It’s hard for us and them when there’s so few spaces! I have heard that they can offer some places after summer school so you never know if she catches their eye again it might turn into a yes! X
  6. Oh ok! I thought it was just international. Oh well then yes it will probably be after the 19th then! 😩🤣
  7. But wouldn’t have applied for MAs though 🤔 it’s too long a wait however long 🤣 it’s been nice knowing ‘after Easter’ as I have forgotten about it but come Tuesday I’ll be refreshing emails again 🤦‍♀️
  8. But surely the international auditions wouldn’t effect the MA results? X
  9. I was hoping MA results would be next week as they said after easter. I’m wishful thinking 🤣 after Easter could mean anytime until July 🤣🤦‍♀️
  10. I’m wondering how likely it is that we’ll hear the MA results next week? Xx
  11. The audition letter for the year 7s said we’d hear within 2 weeks and we heard within a few days! Maybe they say a longer time scale so they don’t get people chasing them about results! I bet you’ll hear sooner than you think x
  12. Good luck to you both! So the MA results will probably be the end of April too then xx
  13. Is your DD a JA? Yes hopefully they’ll put us out of our misery sooner rather than later 🤣
  14. They said after Easter so I’m guessing after the school is back after the Easter holidays! It’s a long wait 😩
  15. No I don’t think there will be a recall as they’ve said results are out after Easter. I think they will decide by the videos and/or those that got to finals.
  16. Thanks for that info! When you say finalists, previous JAs and on waitlist, do you mean they were all three or just one of those things? Xx
  17. Do you think it’s different people deciding on the mids places?
  18. Yes the extended young dancers class is only at Elmhurst school in Birmingham. On their website it says that applications will open in the spring term. Xx
  19. Maybe because she danced first they felt they didn’t need to check certain things if they could see it in the class. Or maybe they were rushing. I don’t think you should read anything in to it XX
  20. The email said there was 150 at the finals, that covered all years including upper school. Is that more then usual? X
  21. Yes even though a yes would have been amazing I do feel grateful that I don’t have to make that hard decision on whether to send her away boarding. X
  22. Yes and the high standard only goes to show the amount of work they’ve all put in over lockdown! X
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