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  1. Audition results are coming through. Unfortunately, DD didn't make it to the final this time but she got further than last year. Good luck to the rest of you still waiting for the 20th October results! 🙂
  2. No, but we were at the very end of the day and I was more concerned with catching the train home. 😊
  3. Hi StephB, our DD was recalled as well and no, we haven’t heard anything yet about finals. Hope to hear something soon. Maybe they have taken the week off for half-term? 🙂
  4. Hello, for those of you with children who auditioned last weekend, when did you receive notification that they were through to the final audition? DD auditioned today and made it to the recall audition (further than last year). Just curious as when to expect the yes/no email for the final. Thanks
  5. LOL! This is our second child to sit the 11+, our DS is in his second year at Grammar, so I am familiar with all the odd questions, etc. Tutoring has helped DD, but she is mainly being tutored to boost her exam confidence and speed (perfectionists can be very slow and painful to tutor at home 😂). We all love the non-verbal 😉 Good luck! 🙂
  6. When we did it, it was drop and go or there may be a place on site where you can stay if you have traveled far. Basically, parents don't get to watch. Hope this helps 🙂
  7. I believe they do as DD has a school friend that is a Cecchetti associate there.
  8. If it is half-term, DD won’t be able to attend as she is at a Festival. Oh well, someone else I know suggested possibly trying Rambert. We shall see where we go from here. First, we need to get through the 11 plus in September!
  9. Hi Sally-Anne, I have no idea why she wasn’t successful. She has the feet, always has, so it might be her turnout and/or flexibility isn’t where it should be ...I really have no clue. 🤷‍♀️ She wants to give it another go but I’m really not sure if it’s worth it. Her teacher feels there is no reason why she shouldn’t audition again. It might be she just doesn’t fit their type. At the moment, she will just focus on learning her new festival pieces (ballet solo, ballet duet and lyrical trio) and her Grade 4 RAD class.
  10. Any of those children that were unsuccessful for a JA Y6 place thinking of going for a MA place? Thoughts would be appreciated as not sure it’s worth it. Thanks in advance 🙂
  11. She’s a survivor...some tears but she already wants to know when MA auditions open! 😳 I think at the moment she should just stick to getting distinctions in her ballet exams and performing well at festivals 🙂
  12. She was a bit tearful but she knows it was a long shot and she is a good dancer. She has already asked when the MA auditions open!
  13. Good luck to all still waiting! I have to now go home from a lovely day out in London and tell my daughter the bad news ☹️
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