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  1. I thought it might be worth linking to this thread in case any of the new JA parents have any general questions. It was started a couple of years ago (and some things may have changed due to Covid of course) but could still be useful if anyone wants any advice on uniform/when to expect more information etc...
  2. A huge well done to everyone - it’s all good experience no matter what the result. They’ve all done so well. And well done to all of us for the rearranging of furniture, the filming, the uploading, the refreshing and the waiting! I hope for those who are trying again next year that your children get to experience an in-person audition 🙂 DS has got a Yes for Year 4 🙂
  3. No problem - it's been a long wait but hopefully should be quite soon now! I have a DD who is a JA but this is DS's first time applying too...
  4. Yes you will get an email either way 🙂
  5. DD is at a different centre but we also had to respond by 31 May to confirm whether we wanted to continue next year or not. I don't know how the different audition process this year will affect things but in previous years the results have taken a good while to trickle out even once they start coming - it took a fair amount of time for people applying to all the different centres to hear. We are likely in for a bit of a wait yet.
  6. Thanks both - I agree it’s really nice to hear of people getting in from the wait list and I think - for us anyway - it’s really important to be open about it, as we were proud of DD for getting onto the wait list in the first place even if nothing had come of it (as I’m sure everyone is). I really hope more places become available 🙂
  7. We have one very happy child here tonight - was on SWL but we had an email today saying a place had become available so she's in! Week 3 🙂
  8. Gorgeous Claudia Dean deep blue camisole leotard (£35) and matching skirt (£20). Bought recently second hand for my daughter and it’s immaculate but v sadly too tight so I’m selling it on for the same price I paid for it. It’s a Child Medium, I would say it would fit a petite 8 year old (my daughter (in the pics) is a small 9 and it’s just a little tight especially under the arms).
  9. Existing JAs do not need to re-audition each year - they stay on the programme until the end of Y6 (unless there are any extraordinary circumstances or issues around non-attendance). In Y6 they have to audition for Mids if they want to try for that. Existing JAs had the email this week which asks them to confirm whether they want to take up their place for next year, along with the handbook, uniform list and dates for next session etc. It’s not a case of having to audition or be assessed though. Anything can be worded how to want it to be on social media I guess 🙂
  10. The year before last we heard on 21 June, and we were amongst the last to hear as at that stage it was sent out centre by centre so results had been trickling out for the few days prior to that. I would think it will be a little while yet - if we assume late June then we can only be pleasantly surprised!
  11. Does anyone know if you can see if the videos have been viewed when they were uploaded and shared via OneDrive?
  12. I agree - I don’t think the FAQ have been updated for this year - and I would also note that I think that’s talking more about mid/senior associates. For JA the process was always a bit later in the year, auditioning in person in spring time roughly and results out in June. The website was a bit out of date re then summer intensives as well - they hadn’t updated it to make some changes which were in place for this year specifically. The ‘Apply Now’ button still says they may ask to see some people in person if they are able to. I’m as keen as anyone to know but I think it’s a while off yet, and even then there’s still likely to be a second round in person (altho maybe not if they’ve had less applicants this year?!)
  13. I don’t know how you guys are managing it - I keep wondering if you’ve all heard yet and I don’t even have a kid in the mix (I just see myself here in two years time 😂) We were ‘only’ waiting for SI results and now JA results too for DS (child number 2) and that is stressful enough. I hope you all hear soon and can move on one way or the other - best of luck to them all!
  14. I think it just depends on the centre - at my DD’s centre there was (pre-COVID) only one mixed class, girls and boys and years 4/5/6 all in together. As above they did some exercises differently depending on what stage they were at. It’s all been a bit different since the class was split for SD reasons but generally it’s been mixed.
  15. Wait list here, which DD is absolutely delighted with as we weren’t sure for a while whether she was even going to be eligible to apply age wise (she would have turned 10 while at the august course). Plenty of time for her in the years to come so I’m pleased she’s taken it so well. Well done to everyone who has a place (and well done to them all for going for it!) Now to start the long wait for JA results for Child no 2!
  16. @Balletbuds80 I would guess - and it’s a total guess - that all year groups will hear at the same time this year?
  17. I’m not clear on how it will work this year - last year they based the whole decision on the videos I believe but this year it says the ‘preliminary audition’ is by video and I’m sure I read somewhere that depending on restrictions etc that might be it or they might see some candidates in person. I can’t now see where I read that though. In the past (pre-COVID) the results came out by centre in the order that they had held their auditions (and it was a long wait if you’d been in the first few auditions!)
  18. Thanks for sharing @PurplePirouette- much appreciated 🙂
  19. I’m doing the form tonight - did anyone get an answer as to what to do with the headshot?
  20. Oh my gosh is anyone else traumatised by this whole process already?! 😂 I don’t envy those of you doing this for the second time! To be fair the filming itself was fine - it was rearranging the whole living room to have space to do it and also taking the various pictures.. usually our teacher would do that and send me the best ones - now I have 100s of DS standing at various angles to wade through!
  21. At my DD’s centre, new students have joined in y6 both this year and (I think) the year before - there have also been new y4 and y5 each year - so there are definitely potential spaces at all ages.
  22. I totally understand the reluctance to try again this year after going through the process on video etc last time around - though as others have said I do think it’s worth it as there are so many kids who’ve got a yes after a previous no for whatever reason. I think with the in-person auditions it was very easy to make the whole the thing into a fun adventure - when DD tried out we had a lovely overnight in London, fun meal out, the whole ‘it’s a chance to dance at Covent Garden!’ big adventure etc and no matter what the outcome that was worth the time and expense (and stress, on my part, not hers as she was pretty resilient about the outcome either way). While I fully appreciate the video audition is the only way to do it this year, it’s not quite the same ‘experience’ for DS. We’re happy to do it as he wants to try but it’s a bit of a thought organising it all. We’re encouraging him to think of this year as a trial in a way to see what the audition is like as I think as a v young year 4 he is pretty unlikely to get a place - especially with the reduced capacity and so many kids trying again who were clearly thought highly of last year (hence the creation of the engagement programme).
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