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  1. Hi Matilda we are down South and our closest Elmhurst associate training is in Plymouth on a Sunday.
  2. We are also waiting for Totnes year 5 🤗
  3. I don’t think my dd wants to be a ballerina at this point she absolutely loves tap modern and musical theatre just as much as ballet she just loves performing, I just thought an associate scheme would help her with her technique and discipline.. it would be an amazing opportunity if she got offered a place x
  4. My eldest dd was offered a year 6 place last year after only starting ballet a year before the audition she is however very petite, my younger dd is just taking her grade 2 rad ballet exam she has auditioned for a year 5 place she is currently 9 she does tick a lot of the boxes apart from her body shape she is tall long legs but she is more of a solid build little belly 😉 i guess we just have to wait and see... fingers crossed 🤞 for all of our gorgeous dc x
  5. That does worry me slightly as my dd is of a slightly bigger build she is also tall 😔 she isn’t over weight by any means, but she was definitely one of the biggest girls in her audition.
  6. We are waiting for Bath year 8 🤞good luck to everyone!
  7. I can’t see any children being assessed out that would be awful.. I wonder how many spaces these centres actually have after the year 9’s move on, possible 4/5? also they have to offer places to the new year 7’s coming in so for my dd looking for a year 8 space it is probably very unlikely at all 🤔 x
  8. Hi mumofdancegirls what year did your dc audition for? I wonder how many places they have available and if they spread it evenly across the years groups, I’ve also heard the places are like gold dust.
  9. Ours came out out on 26th March last year I think Bath centre is the first audition date so perhaps we get ours first 😬
  10. It really does....good luck to all those hard working passionate dc 🤞 shouldn’t be too much longer x
  11. My dd was on the swl last year unfortunately no place came available , it would be her absolute dream to get an MA place this year... It is so precious to those dc that attend state schools and attend regular dance classes locally.
  12. How lovely is that.. I will say that to my youngest dd as she is auditioning for JA’s in May for a year 5 place. she had a fantastic ballet exam result resulting in her teacher suggesting going to the JA audition, my only worry is .....how do I put this... she is of a (solid build ) and I think this will go against her. My oldest dd was a JA and was very petite.. I think that is a lovely way of putting it to her.. as she loves biscuits too 😉 x
  13. hopefully we will find out about MA results soon... still hoping for a miracle here 🤞
  14. Congratulations to your dd you must be thrilled ... I’m sure her friends will be happy for her xx
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