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  1. Bring character shoes just incase The teacher liked us to use character shoes or flamenco shoes something that would make a sound
  2. I recently came back from the senior summer school only one girl wore jazz shoes most people performed in bare feet or foot thongs I hope this helps!!
  3. Oh gosh! Some mixed reviews Is anyone going this year?
  4. What is Elmhurst summer school like, the standard and how many people are in a class?
  5. do you need flexible hamstrings to do this move?
  6. thank you, I will check out Lisa Howell flexibility programme
  7. My DD struggles with Penches,will this be nessecary for getting into a vocational upper school? Does anyone have any stretches or tips to achieve a penche?
  8. what type of grand allergo do they do? And do you have to do grand jetes? Sorry for all the questions!
  9. I used to do syllabus,not anymore currently do non syllabus and I've spoken to my dance teacher and she's confident that I can do it,I will check out for open days aswell! Thank you!
  10. I am 15 years old and auditioning for September 2016, I haven't been to many auditions!
  11. The standard of the classes given and the standard of the other auditionees
  12. Thank you for the help! Does anyone else know what's the audition standard like for central and Tring park?
  13. What is the audition process like and the standard for Northern ballet school and how many students do they take for the first year of upper schools? Thank you,I'm new to this forum!
  14. what do central ballet and Tring park look for in the dancer and how many students do they take on in the first year?
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