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  1. Mine is the same 😀. They’ve said they’ll send the info as soon as they can. Would imagine we’ll get all the info before the end of the month.
  2. Short waiting list and Junior Engagement programme which is done over zoom
  3. They we're live over a 10week course. She really enjoyed that and has gained a place this year too so they clearly helped her.
  4. My DD did this last year and loved it. yes it's via zoom
  5. Yeah I meant 2019. I’m sure they’ll be out soon. What will be will be
  6. My DD was waitlisted for Brum last year. Results came out one year ago today
  7. Just had our offer email for my DD. She starts yr 12 in Sep
  8. We've just received our offer email for Summer School at WL. Thrilled is an understatement
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