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  1. last year they took 2 boys and 1 girl from the upper summer school…i think it's good to try…one of the 2 boys was a finalist in the audition for the upper school in the last march but he didn't get the place…he tried again during the summer school and he got a place... good luck!!
  2. Hi Kat09, I'm talking about the end of the year performance..
  3. i would like to have opinions about the enbschool performance, does anyone went to see it? what do you think about the level of the students? i just saw some small videos on instagram but it's difficult to find the entire performance... do you think RBS was better than enbschool??
  4. i apologize for my english but i'm not british.
  5. In my experience it's very subjective. I would like to share my story: My dd is studying in a vocational school( she is 16 ys) but in october my DD got a place in a vocational school in germany ( we didn't want to apply but during a stage a teacher from that vocational school pushed to send a video to the director). The director after seen that he wanted my DD to come immediately in the middle of the year (before january). We decided to decline because it was too much a rush for her and we said to him we would like to finish the year in this school and apply again for the next year. She tr
  6. congratulations elmhurst it's a fantastic opportunity!!! yes there a lot of talents out there... It's very pity for the others that didn't get in....
  7. Hi Lala, so how many students from Elmhurst year 11 were succeed in the 6th form? did they try to get in tbs and enbs swell, or they prefer to stay in Elmhurst?
  8. I think is very nice that this year they keep the most of their students (RBS /elmhurst) instead of filling the class with some students from abroad. I have the impression that they want to mould the kids with their teaching system from the beginning.
  9. congratulation Sophika!! does your daughter tried to apply in other schools or just in Elmhurst?
  10. I agree with juliew the competition is very hard. This why i think if you choose a school with a company maybe it's easer to find a place there. Don't you think? for example RBS and ENBS???
  11. at the moment we know only goldfish as a international student that got a place in enbs and 4 british girls. Congratulations to all of you!!well done
  12. Hi kate09, no unfortunately we will apply for next year
  13. who got a yes from RBS,ENBS and Elmhurst? and who from you got a yes from both, which one do you decide it to go? my daughter will do the auditions next year. please feel free to share your experience!! Congratulations to all of you!!!!
  14. do you think a lot of international students got a yes from enbs this year??my daughter will apply next year,I'm very curious
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