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  1. Just wondered if anyone had experience to share from last years finals? Just be good to know what to expect. Many Thanks J
  2. I wonder how the 11yr old children feel about going off to boarding school?. My daughter is telling me that she is determined to go but I am petrified!. The thought of Tring wasn't too bad as it's only 45 min drive but London or Birmingham!!.
  3. Thank you, this seems very helpful. I will keep posting any progress about finding funding ie winning the lottery or selling our house!!.
  4. My daughter has just been offered a place for year 7 sept 2014 at Tring. We were all jumping for joy until I noticed the 'unable to recommend an audition for funding' paragraph. Is there no other way of getting funding apart from the MDAs?. I thought about approaching large businesses to sponsor her but not holding out any hope. It's such a shame. Does the Royal Ballet have more funded places at White Lodge?. Thanks.
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