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  1. But isn’t he entitled to the maintenance grant aspect too? The part he doesn’t need to pay back. If household income below ~£41000 in NI you should be offered this when other student finance offer completed. It’s sliding scale so lower income means more grant. Loan repayable, grant not.
  2. https://www.savethestudent.org/student-finance/maintenance-loans.html Towards the end of this page there is a section about bursaries and awards.
  3. Have you spoken to the finance office at the university to see if there are any individual bursaries or other means of support for Sean’s course? Did he get anything beyond his maintenance loan? Was he entitled to a maintenance grant on top?
  4. I think it must be an infestation that isn’t bothering him at all. He’s a typical active robin and feeding frequently. Saw him from above for first time today, his back looks like he’s collected sparrow feathers and added them to his own. He is so scruffy.
  5. Excuse poor photo but managed to catch this little robin on phone. I’m hoping you can see the mass of scruffy feathers at base of back. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all and has been like it for weeks. But out of interest has anyone seen anything like it before?
  6. They will be looking for specific attributes in their students. They expect their students at the end of the course to be industry ready. I think your question is difficult to answer. None of the schools are ‘easy’ to get into but if they like what they see at audition then it’s a whole lot easier than if they don’t.
  7. Was that during the filming? I watched some of that when Dd was on a course in Covent Garden and I was filling time.
  8. That is sad news. Condolences to James Bowen.
  9. Our pheasant has moved next door. Neighbours have reopened their chicken coop after settling new chickens in and he’s joined them. Cat enjoying garden again. Still not heard a cuckoo or seen starlings back. House martins have returned and busy repairing nest, not sure where they’re getting mud from as ground so dry. Son counted 6 buzzards on a short drive home other day. They’ve been increasing in numbers but that is a record. 20 years ago they were so rare around these parts that when we first spotted one we thought it had escaped from local birds of prey centre.
  10. Sadly in my role (not teaching) I meet parents who share a phone and often don’t have credit. In my location internet is very poor either via copper wire or via radio waves so I’m not sure how my kids would have coped if needed to study.
  11. I read this and then had to rescue cat who was trapped beyond veg garden by very wet but very vocal pheasant. I would be more understanding if pheasants were good parents and protecting a nest but this is everywhere in garden and I’ve witnessed their poor parenting skills often. Our starlings haven’t returned this year but we had masses last year feeding in garden. No cuckoo heard yet either.
  12. We over wintered two young hedgehogs again this year. The male who was rescued from the red hot poker that grows just outside patio door has curiously moved back into the same spot. He was indoors for five months and was released a long way from the house. We have three hog feeding stations across garden and it’s interesting to see the various visitors overnight on the trail camera. The individuals follow the same route night after night. We’re having problems here with a male pheasant who is harassing the cat to the point he won’t go out. He picks any high point, tree, fence or wall and shouts at him.
  13. There were a number of news articles a year or so ago about Ballet Black and Freed working together to produce shoes in a variety of skin tones. Not sure they aren’t special order though?
  14. Sadly my experiences with our local police are similar, once even asking me to remind them where our village was 🙄. I’ve found recently you can report some events via a weblink on the police website and I would be tempted to report the gas canisters purely because if in the future there is a death or serious injury at this site involving nitrous oxide it won’t be on your conscience.
  15. Do you mean the little silver canisters that contain nitrous oxide? If you are finding quantities of them I think the police would be interested before they’re called to an incident at the site. My annoyance since the C-19 lockdown is on our daily walk we encounter discarded wet/baby wipes and latex gloves on verges. We’re in a rural area but not a beauty spot and haven’t encountered any new walkers but have constantly been passed by lots of cars so do wonder if they’re discarded from the vehicles. Still haven’t heard a cuckoo but the house martins returned this week.
  16. Jane


    I don’t know how to link previous threads but there is a very recent one about Harlequin floors
  17. We’ve noticed we haven’t had any starlings this year. Last few years there have been loads.
  18. Oh yes perfect gift. I gave postgirl some as a thank you this week.
  19. Flowers or some nice hand cream?
  20. And a friend who takes her daily exercise in Christchurch posted a photo on her social media yesterday showing the owl was back in residence.
  21. Jane

    Next September?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-52732814 Update from Cambridge on next academic year. Feel sad for all students with so much uncertainty for them.
  22. It is called ‘multisystem inflammatory disorder’ of children and adolescents, very similar to Kawasaki. Children with it really won’t be dancing or taking part in sports - they will be very ill.
  23. Have you discussed with your local incontinence nurse? They may have experience of other children taking part in dance, gymnastics or sports.
  24. Have heard today that a local deli now has both dried and fresh yeast plus bread flour. Maybe smaller shops near you might have something @Fonty
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