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  1. Thanks Jan. His email address is: rupertpennefather@outlook.com He is away until next week.
  2. Were you able to access his contact email Alison? He has said to me that as he has a designated email address just for private coaching, he's happy for me to list his email address if I'm allowed by the moderators?
  3. For any young DS’s (or DD’s) out there, I’ve heard that ex Royal Ballet Company Principal Rupert Pennefather will be taking on a few students for private weekly coaching, mainly based at IAF. He taught my Dd pas de deux last year before she went to Central and he was absolutely fantastic. I can’t give his email out but I believe he’s contactable via LinkedIn.
  4. They are Sarah. They're yours if you'd like them. I can send you my bank details and then email you the e-tickets. Many thanks, Fiona
  5. Two tickets in row B for tonight's sold out screening of Manon. £15 face value, selling them at £10 each. "On Friday 28 December 2018, the Royal Opera House Cinema Festival continues with Kenneth MacMillan’s tragic masterpiece Manon. One of the most moving ballet dramas of all time, Manon is full of spectacular choreography which demands powerful actors as well as gifted dancers. Royal Ballet Principal Sarah Lamb stars in the title role, opposite Vadim Muntagirov"
  6. Thanks Stellar, unfortunately we need two tickets and need to be sitting. Thank you so much though
  7. 1 or 2 tickets for any of these performances please. Anywhere except Amphitheatre (Amphitheatre considered for 22nd). Many thanks.
  8. Hi Bill, i would the tickets please! ive PM’d you. Very many thanks, Fiona
  9. From my friends in that actual year group
  10. Thank you, my Dd is one of the lucky ones who has been offered a place at one of the top schools this year. When it’s your time to be in Year 11 and know how it feels to go through the US process, how distressing it is for parents and students to have No’s or WL with their futures and everything they’ve worked for hanging in the balance, you’ll realise how insensitive it is to post about other’s success unnecessarily in order to inflate the profile of a school. I can’t correct what you’ve posted without identify people, but what you and Amos73 are stating is wholly incorrect I’m afraid.
  11. Yes, YDA train with WLSD in the evenings (rather than the other way around). One of the girls from WLSD who’s been offered ENBS has just been doing one Saturday class a week since the end of last year, the other is not exclusively trained by WLSD. The two boys have been there a few years though but the girl for one year. i think it’s important to paint an unbiased account when it comes to Year 11 results as prospective parents rely on these to make important decisions about school choices. this is not to take away from YDA’s success though.
  12. For a small school their results are very good, but I’m afraid that it was in fact two students offered ENBS from WLSD, (one joined in September), one girl who joined YDA this year and two boys. They have done very well however placing all their students in great schools again.
  13. There are girls not accepting their places so fingers crossed that something comes up in the next few weeks 🤞🏻
  14. I have no idea if this is true or not Ballet4ever, but they did say on the day that all the auditions were recorded, so hopefully they can just review candidates on the video when places become available. I hope your Dd gets her place there!
  15. Thank you BillyElliott for letting us know. Central will be a good distraction for many of them tomorrow. So pleased your DS has his place ☺️
  16. Alison, I was referring to this post by Anna about posts being hidden. i totally appreciate the time the moderators put in voluntarily in order for this forum to exist.
  17. I'm sure I won't be alone in hoping that the Moderators will consider removing posts extremely carefully, when the point of this forum is to provide parents with information, factual information, not a sensored rose coloured spectacles view of what is let's face it, a harsh industry. Sending your children to these schools is a massive decision and this forum is one of the few ways that parents can get a realistic view of what they, their DCs and their family are in for. I understand that having your forum rules adhered to is vital to protect the identities of those mentioned, however, following the 3 points you addressed earlier: 1. As uncomfortable as these posts are, I would question whether they are in fact just 'critical', rather than "Highly" critical. We must have critical posts as well as positive posts or we are censoring reality in a way that is surely a disservice to us all, but especially those with DCs embarking upon schooling in one of our top vocational schools. 2. I don't see that anyone has in any way been 'outed' in these posts (apart from perhaps the AD of WL, who is not a student). There are many UK girls in that year at WL as well as Internatiinal students and naming a school and year group is far from indicating who a specific child might be. 3. This discussion was in every way linked to the 'audition results' part of the title. This is very much to do with audition results, what they are, how they came to be in what we perceive to be our top training facility and the natural progression of this discussion into where the students are coming from that have displaced U.K. hardworking students, and will go on to fill our UK companies. Until this thread started talking about this on Thursday there was next to nothing being posted in Questionas about Upper School Auditions and barely anything in this thread about US audition results. Other threads on this forum recently, such as the many posts on the Balletdadblog thread, have highlighted just how scared parents are once in the system to actually speak out about what it's like to be in UK vocational schools. It's not all a bed of roses in any way. There is so much heartache, injury, mental health and eating disorders, as well as bullying to be considered, alongside all the many wonderful aspects of life that do also exist in these schools. It would be irresponsible for an unrealistic picture to be painted of reality because we want it to be all about success stories, mansion houses and outstanding pastoral care. Maybe if we do speak out in an environment where we can, which is pretty much only this forum, something might finally get through to the right channels and in the future, there might be change....
  18. Maybe it should be included in Questions about Lower or Upper School Auditions instead as it is valid information from forum users with first hand knowledge. If I was about to make a huge decision to send my DC away from home for years of their childhood or adolescence, I would like to have a clear view of the road ahead.
  19. You’ve summed it up so well Sadielou. I’ve noticed this year that the majority of people reading or commenting on the audition stages of the Forum are parents of DCs from years 5-9. Once you get to the gruelling stage of US auditions there is a drop in contributions (presumably as the process becomes so intense and personal that you try not to focus on it hourly and just try to get through it with the end result of an offer somewhere.). I would urge these parents of younger students to research widely into the business as a whole, the training beyond RBS being the be all and end all, and what else is available out of this country as well as within it in the form of private coaching or elite after school vocational classes. dreams are very important, but a realistic perspective is more useful...
  20. With barely half of WL year 11s making it to RBS Upper School, I would imagine it would be a bit of a stretch to think that a child doing one afternoon a week with them is going to get into Upper School. They'd be better off not travelling the country and having a private lesson with someone good nearer to home possibly?
  21. No associates were offered places, I think only one SA got to Finals. I don't know of any SA's getting offered Upper School that I can recall. You would imagine that if RBS wanted them for US they would be at WL getting their full time training. I don't know of any UK girls from other schools being offered RBS Upper School places, does anyone else out there?
  22. Absolutely. The stats are awful for our UK students and I would imagine that the money used to give scholarships to these highly trained International children is coming to the school from the UK government, who presumably have no idea that they are funding the further training of non UK talent. If you look at other European schools such as Paris Opera Ballet or Royal Danish Ballet, they are taking mainly children from their own country and training them right through to joining their companies. If the Royal Ballet School and English National Ballet School had to take 80% British students, the attitudes towards training here would have to change. RBS should be embarrassed, the statistics for their years 7-11 training success compared to other European schools falls very short.
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