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  1. Thank you all for the help so far! Appreciate it so much!
  2. Hi and thank you! I will be based just outside London once graduated so am thinking I will need to travel in for any privates.
  3. Hi Guys, So I am graduating this summer but with the world where it is and has been I gave up on looking for jobs as I just didn't feel ready after loosing out on so much training from lockdowns, even prior to this I had considered applying to post-grad training courses as I felt I needed an extra year. I have decided that it might be best to come home after I graduate and look for private coaching to continue my training whilst I look for jobs this year. This way I can really focus on what I need to work on and have a pretty flexible schedule to go to any auditions that may come up. I am based near to London so was thinking I would probably have to travel in to do it and have coaching 2/3 times a week whilst the other days taking barre at home and doing cross-training etc. by myself. Basically I am asking in a very long-winded way if anyone has any experience of having private coaching pre or post graduating and if anyone has any recommendations of teachers to get in contact with about having private coaching? Any advice would be great, thank you in advance!
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