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  1. I believe it will feature Viviana Durante's new 'Seven Deadly Sins' at Wilton Hall, but exactly how much, I can't say, see below:
  2. and nearly invariably with a little old man hat on! 🙂
  3. if you peek through the gap in the curtains (some poor soul has to heft the left one as we look at them, to keep open for the performers to get in front of the curtains), you can often see that red 'sub-curtain' (for want of a better description) behind the main curtain. Most people I know use 'red run' as a description for the in-front-of-big-red-curtains-at-the-front-of-the-stage-curtain-calls as its shorter...
  4. happens on the sports pages too - saw a pic recently labelled as Hadleigh Parks. when it was clearly Dan Biggar (Welsh rugby players - no Welsh rugby fan would have got that wrong)
  5. I meant to go (had one of those terrible standing places) but after a few too many beers watching the Cheltenham Gold Cup, I fell asleep on the sofa and missed it. Be interested to hear what I missed!
  6. think its unique jargon for ROH, as they have the big red curtains. Think the dancers in years gone by coined the phrase...
  7. its when they take their bows in front of the big red curtains (usually just the named roles)
  8. me too - perhaps someone should commission Jonny Greenwood and/or Tom Yorke for a score (or just choreograph to a couple of their tracks from their back catalogue)
  9. is the comments section to be used during/after the streaming? It being closed beforehand, would then make sense. Otherwise, why make any mention of commenting at all?
  10. yes, the music is quite cinematic, though I don't mind that. I actually think it generally works quite well, and that there are contrasts and climaxes etc - but whether they are used to best effect is open to question. Some of the best bits of the score seem to be when there isn't anything happening! No red-runs was a bit bizarre wasn't it. I agree that once the curtain dropped, the cheering stopped dead and every just left, which is a shame for the dancers. Obviously an inexperienced (with free/very cheap tickets via the student union!) crowd, filling up those sadly empty seats. Overall, I quite like the piece, with some reservations. There are sections I'd cheerfully hack out, and quite a few bits I'd shorten, especially in Act 1. I'd also put an extra 50p in the meter for the lighting at times.
  11. I noticed the attendance in the Amphi restaurant was zero - not a sausage (was sold)
  12. indeed - surely large scale advertising for a virtually sold out run of DQ (whether underpriced, or too few performances, or not) is squandering cash, which rather refutes the claim they have none. That would surely lead to punter frustration at seeing something advertised that they cannot get a ticket for. Unless the aim was then to generate a want, so they would book something else. Well, something else that wasn't Frankenstein as they wouldn't have known about it.
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