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  1. start worrying if the squeaking sound not actually emanating from the cushion...
  2. you are probably right - and so lets hope Lauren does make it for her remaining shows!
  3. there have been occasions when dancers have made their debut before they were officially supposed to debut (though I'd have been particularly flummoxed if Yasmine Naghdi had debuted without me being there!). And are there no understudies available? Saying that, Akane Takada is one of those dancers I like a lot, so I'm certain she will be superb! 🙂
  4. definitely jesters oh - and ripping von Rothbart's wing off, and beating him to death with the wet end
  5. zxDaveM

    SFB to visit London in 2019???

    have no info - but YES PLEASE!!
  6. in the rehearsal I went to, the von Rothbart in the Prologue was not the 'proper' von Rothbart dancing the rest of the performance (Bracewell doubled in for Gartside). Don't know if the same personnel used opening night, but can't imagine it wasn't. vB has a mighty fast costume change to make, if he did that Prologue as well! The vision 'Odette' in act 3 and the woman in Siegfried's arms at the end, was a student (the same one - Forsyth). Again, I don't know if this applied to the opening night performance and/or was different for other performances, but imagine it was at least for opening night, as a vague looky-likey for Nunez
  7. I guess from the stalls, you’re looking up as you look at Siegfried, so you would see her behind him. its a minor quibble though, as the other 99% is terrific
  8. Indeed, but I referred to bridiem’s post about a projection. in the rehearsal I nearly missed it with the camera in my face, and I was in the stalls circle standing for the show, and could see about half a lower leg....
  9. Just come out of the Friday showing. Gosh, it was top notch story telling, with minimal production bits and bobs. Cathy Marston certainly has the knack for getting the best out of any staging, and the dancers didn’t let her down, as all were terrific
  10. It’s not a projection of Odette, it IS Odette with the help of some nifty hydraulics
  11. it was a late finish last night - mainly because of the long ovations at the end. Under 'normal' conditions, should be ended by 10.30, allowing for the curtain calls
  12. it was Leticia in the prologue. I have a sheet with the name of the woman in his arms at the end, but not with me. I'll check tonight