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  1. Foteini Christofilopoulou was at the Rambert rehearsal of 'Goat' at Sadlers Wells, November 2017. Here are some photos of that: Liam Francis, Hannah Rudd © Foteini Christofilopoulou. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Hannah Rudd, Miguel Altunaga, Pierre Tappon © Foteini Christofilopoulou. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: Rambert: Goat Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr
  2. Thanks Janet - it was a rather splendid photo call, both in terms of the what, and how it was organised 😎
  3. I was at the dress rehearsal at the Coliseum for 'Francesca da Rimini', part of the 'Amore' triple bill presented by Svetlana Zakharova (and stars of The Bolshoi). Only 3 performances on the 21st, 24th and 25th November. Here are some photos: Svetlana Zakharova, Mikhail Lobukhin © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Svetlana Zakharova (and Court Ladies) © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Svetlana Zakharova, Denis Rodkin © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: Francesca da Rimini - Svetlana Zakharova (and Stars of Bolshoi) Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr
  4. Dance on Sky Arts

    followed by 'War & Peace', banged out inside 2 hours. I have no idea what its like, but to get War & Peace told inside 2 hours is impressive in its own right!
  5. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    there's about 1/6 each of a red and a yellow (or green) pepper (capsicum), a few slices of red onion, a few slices of green chili, a small handful of finely sliced carrot, a small handful of bean shoots, a few pieces of shredded green cabbage, same for white cabbage. Some of the ingredients change depending what 'type' of mixed stir fry veg you've gone for. Costs about £1.25, and makes a hearty meal for one, or you can fill out with extra rice and stretch it for two.
  6. Ticket now spoken for by Paso thank you
  7. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    you can't beat those pre-prepared mix veggies for stir fry though. If you bought the veg separate (and limited yourself somehow to the same value if possible), and laboriously chopped and cut, you'd probably have 5 times the volume at least - and end up throwing 80% of it away (unless you had stir fry 5 times in a week). You save yourself loads of time too!
  8. ROH Open Up changes

    fresh and contemporary = even more expensive, but served on anything that isn't a plate
  9. rather ambitiously bought this rather good standing spot before getting the time off work, which I now can't get. So that will teach me! Anyhoo, selling the ticket as a result. Stalls circle standing, D15, cost is £8, performance is at 2.30pm, Tuesday 5th Dec. Send a PM if interested (and post here) and we can make arrangements for an exchange. I will be at ROH for a good few performances before then, which would be easiest.
  10. hope you like 'Farewell' as much as I did. As for 'Untouchable', whilst i'm not a fan, its worth seeing at least the once so you get an impression of it. And you never know, might end up being your favourite of the three! :-)
  11. ROH Open Up changes

    well, the big escalators to the bar area make it much easier than it used to be (apparently - before my time though, for me to quote from personal experience). The corridor beneath/at the back of the amphi I don't think they can expand much due to the nature of the building's listed status
  12. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    probably spend more in petrol than you'd save! I have 3 supermarkets in walking distance from my house (I don't drive) - unfortunately all in the opposite directions to each other. So comparing prices is just too much hassle. I just stick with my fave - though do find own brands sometimes better than the expensive brands, or you hardly notice the difference if not the main ingredient, for example. Plus you often get more, for less cash! Which works for me...
  13. they had some white body paint left over and wanted to use it up?
  14. I'll confess to being one of those that left at the 2nd interval. I like the way that 'Untouchable' starts, the first few minutes are quite enthralling, but then, with the occasional 20sec exception, if just seems to go and and on. And on. Thought Francesca Hayward handled the wedding veil blowing around a lot better than Natalia Osipova, who seemed to be hanging on to it for grim death (not unlike someone doing a 'hanging' mime). Some of the images those wind machines drummed up were stunning - some (like those darn flapping curtains and the door opening all the time) were frankly annoying. As were the wind machines themselves - did they really need to be on stage? Think I might be leaving at first interval next time... Will certainly turn up to see 'Farewell' though - just loved it. Beautiful music with beautiful dancing - just the ticket for me! Didn't mind the costumes that much either, as I enjoyed the other elements so much.