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  1. Sorry - that was my mistake, I didn't have my cast sheet to hand, and I completely mis-remembered. It was Calvin Richardson, not William Bracewell. Apologies for the confusion!
  2. Really enjoyed the double bill this afternoon. Love Asphodel Meadows (especially the pdds in each movement). Fumi Kanako in the 1st was just divine, and her partner, William Bracewell, immaculate. Hats off too, to young Sae Maeda in the 3rd. then on to The Two Pigeons, with such a marvellous, nuanced cast of Beatriz Stix Brunel and Reece Clarke in the leads ( their final pdd was utterly sob inducing), with a feisty and glam gypsy girl of Claire Calvert. No wonder The Boy was tempted! Wish they had more than the one performance! for those there this afternoon wondering about the fate of the white dove after it escaped from Reece’s grasp, it fluttered into the pit, just managing to avoid an arm waving Barry Wordsworth, and sat implacably on the music stand of one of the double bass players - to much amusement. A young lady entered the pit and rescued/recaptured her, ready to be thrown back in (literally) at the appropriate ‘awwww’ moment.
  3. I assume the 50p bit is part of some booking fee arrangement. Can't say I'd be tempted at £9.50, let alone with the 4-0 in front of it...
  4. I rather enjoy his DonQ - despite DQ not being one of my faves of the old 'warhorse' type ballets Hope he does a great job at BRB - they do have some lovely dancers there. Be interesting to see what he does with the rep (both what he keeps, and what he brings in)
  5. CARLOS ACOSTA CBE APPOINTED AS NEW DIRECTOR OF BIRMINGHAM ROYAL BALLETBirmingham Royal Ballet is delighted to announce that internationally renowned Carlos Acosta CBE has been appointed as its new Director. He will take up his appointment in January 2020. The appointment follows an open competition and extensive international search by Birmingham Royal Ballet Board, supported by an expert panel of leading figures in the dance world. It follows the news that David Bintley CBE, the current Director, will be standing down as Director in July 2019 at the end of the current season. The new Director will work alongside the company’s Chief Executive, Caroline Miller OBE who was appointed on a permanent basis just before Christmas. Carlos Acosta CBE, said: “It is a tremendous honour and privilege to have been appointed to lead Birmingham Royal Ballet. I am a great admirer of its heritage and of what David Bintley has done to establish it as one of the country’s leading classical ballet companies, following on from the wonderful foundations laid down by Sir Peter Wright. My ambition is to build on its classical traditions, to expand its repertoire and to reach out to new and more diverse audiences. I want to define what it is to be a world leading classical ballet company in the 21stcentury.” Chair of Birmingham Royal Ballet Sir David Normington GCB, said: “This is a great moment for Birmingham Royal Ballet. We have secured the greatest male dancer of his generation to be our new Director. I know he will bring us his legendary artistry, energy and charisma, and enable us to connect with new audiences, particularly in Birmingham. It is a statement to the whole dance world that, building on David Bintley’s great legacy, Birmingham Royal Ballet intends to remain a major force for classical ballet in the UK and beyond.” Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Carlos Acosta CBE as the new Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet, with his wealth of experience and knowledge from the international world of dance. Birmingham Royal Ballet is an exceptional company, with an international reputation for the artistic quality of its work, and as Carlos takes to the helm, we’d like to pay tribute to the commitment, contribution and charisma of David Bintley, who leaves behind him an extraordinary legacy. We look forward to seeing Carlos build on this legacy, and to the company continuing to delight audiences with their array of classical and ground-breaking ballets.” Born in Havana, the youngest of 11 children in an impoverished family, Acosta went on to train at the National Ballet School of Cuba, winning the prestigious Prix de Lausanne at the age of 16, before enjoying a celebrated 30-year career in dance with many of the world’s leading ballet companies. He was a Principal with the Royal Ballet for 17 years and danced all the major classical, and many contemporary roles. He is the greatest male dancer of his generation and, in many people’s eyes, one of the greatest dancers of all time. Since retiring from the Royal Ballet he has founded his Cuban dance company Acosta Danza and established his own dance academy in Havana which opened its doors to its first students in September 2017. His 2007 autobiography No Way Home told the extraordinary story of his progress from the poorest of beginnings in Cuba to world ballet star and became a UK bestseller. His many awards include an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance, a Prix Benois de la Danse, an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards and the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award from the Royal Academy of Dance in recognition of his standing as one of the most influential figures in dance today.
  6. zxDaveM

    Emma Maguire (Royal Ballet)

    Sad to hear this, Emma-Jane has been one of my favourite dancers since I first started attending RB performances back in 2004. Whatever she does next, I'm sure it will be marvellous!
  7. There isn't any as far as I'm concerned! 🙂
  8. You wouldn't be the first to fall to this temptation! lol (not me I hasten to add, fish paste sarnies are not my thing)
  9. oh, and that's another thing guaranteed to make me switch off, is when any contestants 'go on a journey' (especially 'incredible' ones). Unless its a programme about trains or a road trip...
  10. I heard tales of families (and perhaps folk in general) leaving at the second interval, as Winter Dreams was too much for children to 'endure'. No amount of persuasion was making them stay for The Concert, which was a shame as I'm sure they'd have loved it
  11. when walking past an untouched bottle of wine, or even champagne, it always makes me think that some people have more money than sense! And its also a huge effort to resist helping oneself to a glug or two!! lol
  12. I'd like to see Symphonic Variations, with the following cast: Yasmine Naghdi, Francesca Hayward, Akane Takada Vadim Muntagirov, James Hay, William Bracewell. If I won the Euromillions, I'd pay a lot to see this combo put in place! 🙂
  13. Don't blame you ninamargaret. It seems now that anything 'educational' on TV (not just the BBC) is aimed at pre-O'level (showing my age there), rather than at anyone who has more than a passing knowledge of anything. Science programs suffer the same way (though this year's RI Christmas lectures on BBC4 , whilst aimed at knowledgeable children, was a step forward in not treating them like the dunces in the class). There is a dire lack of good documentaries pushing forward knowledge to viewers who may already know a fair bit about what's being shown. Its almost as if anyone with knowledge/experience/a brain wouldn't watch TV therefore we don't need to cater for them. So they don't
  14. As someone who won't watch any program that has a public vote on anything I'd class as art (and yes, that includes Strictly), I'm particularly happy to have dodged this one. 🙂