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  1. I don't think that's right. I know Yasmine Naghdi, Fumi Kaneko, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Tristan Dyer and possibly more, have danced it in the past. Don't know if they dance the same roles in it though
  2. That does me nicely (though sad not to see Francesca), as always like to see Yasmine, and none of Fumi's other dates were possible for me, and she was one I was hoping to catch this run 🙂
  3. Thanks Richard - it wasn't due to be filmed according to the Insight's web page, so I'm glad I saw this post!
  4. 1. Fakirs - keepers of the flame? Firestarters? Dustmen? 3. Solor - but in the last run I swear it was Carlos Acosta... 4. They are all on alternate legs, but individually the same - until they change leg as they step through the turn at the edge of the stage 5. Who shot Bagpuss????
  5. wouldn't say no Xandra! 🙂
  6. I don't think any of the pieces will have her on stage for very long in each case. Infra there is a short section or two for each 'couple' and a bit when they all dance; Symphony in C she dances the short section and finale; don't know about 'Soldier' but that seems to be concentrating on the men. Probably less than say dancing the lead in Beauty or Swan Lake.
  7. A cinema projection problem. I had this a few years back, until we all complained at the interval. What happened in our case was the projectionist set up the screen from the stream coming in before the performance started, trying to fill the screen with the best ratio they could. The stream not the same size as a standard movie we discovered. Then when the show started we could see no feet at all, until the manager reset the ratio at the first interval. Those of us who complained, got a voucher for a refund
  8. zxDaveM

    Royal Ballet Year Book

    yes, that's been Amazon for a while now. I was hanging back in case they did bring out a standard year book (with last year's production photos, plus a preview of the forthcoming season). Though as we are about to start the 3rd production of said season in a week's time, I think I need not hang back anymore!
  9. PC - Personal Computers!?!? Bill Gates is innocent! Seriously, PC (the political correctness version) has its place in reducing vile racism, sexism, and other types of -isms. When I think back to the days of my youth, many people's ideologies were toe curlingly awful. 😳 The sad part is that the derision of PC, is starting to allow these 'values' (term used loosely) to creep back in, with the likes of the far right chiming in with 'PC gone mad' at every turn. Its an ugly path they want to lead us down... Anyway, lets hope this thread returns to talking about the dancing
  10. happy to hear you had a good time at ROH Blossom (as did I) - but 'festive' poppies?
  11. is that £15 to see the screen, £10 to get a crick in the neck trying to see it...?? 😉
  12. zxDaveM

    Disney's Nutcracker & the Four Realms

    There is a feature in the Guardian today about Misty Copeland, with a pic from the film with her dancing with Polunin. Though from what I’ve read, these are more like cameos than ‘also starring’ type roles. There is a dancing bit during the end credits apparently...
  13. it popped up on Facebook too. At first glance, I thought it might be aiming at casual visitors to the staff canteen like area (cafe come cloakroom area) on the ground floor, but the need to pre-buy tickets and of course no box office in that area for spur of the moment buys, sort of excludes that. List of ballet films are the most recent DVD releases (and/or cinema broadcasts) for the last 3-4 years, as far as I can work out