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  1. Tickets have now gone. Dee-Dee, I have sent you a message. carol
  2. Asphodel Meadows/ Two Pigeons Saturday 19th January Starts at noon, finishes 2.30pm I have two Stalls Circle Standing, D13 & D14 at £6 each. etickets, so easy to forward. However, should it be impossible for you to either print them or show them on your mobile, I could print them out and leave them to be collected from the box office. Please send me a message if interested. It is helpful if you would also post here please.
  3. Hi Hambleton, I’d like this ticket, please. I sent you a message this morning with my contact details. Carol
  4. Please may I have 16.2 i Will send you a message. Carol
  5. Just bumping this up as it had fallen back to second page. … still hoping that someone will have a spare ticket.
  6. Saturday, 22nd December at 12.30pm RB Nutcracker Very keen to find a relatively inexpensive (up to £30) seat, perhaps Amphitheatre sides, or a standing place to enable a friend to join us for this Christmas treat. Please message me if you have a spare seat or standing place. It would be helpful if you would also post here. Thanks Carol
  7. Please may I buy the rehearsal ticket. i will send you a message. Carol
  8. Insights: Balanchine and Robbins – Exploring American Idols 27 November 2018 at 7.30pm Clore Studio Stephanie Jordan explores the opposing temperaments of two of the most celebrated 20th century choreographers. Discover more about America’s two most celebrated 20th century ballet choreographers and their work for New York City Ballet. In this talk Stephanie Jordan will examine the opposing temperaments of George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins while introducing their respective styles and musicalities: one the flexible master of neo-classicism, the other a driven humanist searching to tell human stories through the formality of ballet. I have two spare tickets for this sold out insight. £10 each. If interested, please send me a message. Carol
  9. Sold out, first night of RB Bayadère: Nuñez, Vadim Muntagirov, Osipova Unfortunately, a friend is ill & cannot use her ticket tonight. Stalls Circle Standing D3 @ £8, e-ticket which I can either email or print out to leave at box office. I am there myself tonight. please send me me a message. It is helpful if you would also post here, please. Carol
  10. Should anyone have a spare ticket for Mayerling, ideally SCS or other inexpensive with an okay view, please let me know. Thanks Carol