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  1. Lindy has D12. Both tickets have now found homes. Carol
  2. Sim now has D13. SCS D12 is still available.
  3. Friday 15th matinee at 2pm, ends 5pm Osipova and Matthew Ball Two, full view SCS D12 & D13 @ £9 each. happy to sell separately. etickets, so easy to send, or if absolutely necessary I can ask ROH to print out for collection. please send me a message. it is helpful if you would also post here, please. Carol
  4. Hi RyoDo you still want a SCS ticket for this Friday matinee 2pm?I have three to sell,D12,13,14. I assume you only want one?I’ll hold one back till I hear from you & will advertise the other two. Carol I think your message Box on balletcoforum may be full as it won’t let you receive messages.
  5. I have SCS D15 available for Friday 15th at 7.30pm it is an eticket. I will send you a message. I will be unavailable until late evening today, enjoying a change of focus at Cheltenham Science Festival. Carol
  6. Friday 8th June @ 7.30pm RB Swan Lake I have SCS D12 spare @ £11. It is an eticket, therefore easy to send. I am there that evening. Please send me a message, if interested. Carol
  7. I have Amphitheatre A36 for sale. £14 Restricted view, but I find it fine. Eticket, so easy to send. Cast includes Osipova & Shklyarov in Marguerite & Armand. Please send me a message. It is helpful if you would also post here. I am out this evening, enjoying Ballet Black in Bristol, but can respond later. Carol
  8. Absolutely stupidly, bought the matinee in error, so: Thursday, 19th April @ 1.30pm Manon SCS D14 & D15 for sale £8 each. etickets, so easy to send. Please send me a message. It is helpful if you would also post here, please. Carol
  9. I have bought a return for tonight. thanks, Carol
  10. Looking for one ticket for tonight, Monday 9th Ideally SCS, central Balcony or inexpensive Amphitheatre. Alternatively, if anyone intends leaving BEFORE the last ballet, Wheeldon’s Corybantic Games, perhaps I may buy that part of the ticket, ( already have a place for the McGregor as a different friend is singing Chichester Psalms before joining us). I will be out of contact between 10.55am and 2.25pm apart from during the interval of rehearsal for Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk. Carol
  11. Sorry, Andy, i am am unable to contact them, so no thank you. Carol
  12. Probably, please. Will just ask friend
  13. yes, please. I have sent you a PM. Carol