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  1. In tonight’s episode of Pigeonwatch: Pigeon flies past the Young Man’s outstretched hand and parks itself on the right hand edge of the stage, with a comical raised eyebrow the Young Man dashes off without his bird. The next scene starts and The Wayward Pigeon starts to fly around the stage, is this to be the premiere of The Three Pigeons!? No, at the last moment it flies off stage to the right and everyone can relax. Join us next week in a novel tv schedule mashup as we ask the Pigeon handler if they want to....Love It Or List It. Phil Spence tries to find a more reliable pigeon while Kirstie Allsop seeks to rearrange the insides of the current pigeon on a budget of just £20,000
  2. I’ve got to wait 13 days 😫
  3. I saw Mr Tits-Pervert from Bridget Jones's Diary two rows in front of me.....I managed to take a panoramic view from my seat featuring both him and HRH🙂
  4. I've been trying to avoid looking at what's available for the 14th as I've already got a stalls seat and I probably should have gone for a nice unobstructed side Stalls circle. I did manage to pick one up for tomorrow that's marked Friday Rush despite me booking it on Saturday
  5. Rob S

    New ROH website

    I'm getting the new events page on my laptop now, takes a lot of scrolling to get down to the bottom, doesn't it!😂
  6. Just looking at the cast sheet for last night's Two Pigeons....The Young Girl, The Young Man, Gypsy Girl, Gypsy Boy......outrageous 😲😂
  7. Does Xandra need to be sent on some sort of awareness course now?