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  1. The clear favourite on the Strictly group I co-admin is Karen Hardy
  2. The one that has made it in to several magazines that the dancers have been linking to in their social media. I'd be more worried about Vadim practicing his slam dunking skills than the dancers weight training
  3. Reece Clarke is now replaced by Timofej Andrijashenko as Romeo for 27th April and 4th May
  4. He won’t get the job, he’s a bloke
  5. It can’t be that bad if your original comment has not been ‘hidden’ Xandra 🙂
  6. I'm just watching the new Swan Lake and I'm surprised they left the brass section's Act 2 gaff in the BBC broadcast...I hope they edited it out for the blu ray
  7. If you upload the photo to a host like Flicker and then include the link to that photo in your post you don’t have to get the pic down to a certain file size
  8. But there is also an article claiming Cheryl ‘Call Me Cheryl’ Whatshername could become the new judge. I’m praying it’s Lilia
  9. The shop already stocks the 2020 calendar, although I won’t buy mine just yet in case the dates change. I think too much space is given to generic items that you’d find in any National Trust shop or in the case of a book shaped lamp, John Lewis and not enough to ballet and opera items, the books and dvds are in a very small area. The National Gallery shop is probably the best place in London for art books as well as offering items related to works on display, it’s not full of stuff from the Selfridges homeware department.
  10. I'm really going to miss her TEN-gasms and her elegance
  11. One way is to sit tight until about June/July and wait for something to be announced...but even then you may know only up to early January....but where's the fun in that😂
  12. Exactly, I noticed it too and felt it looked a reasonable addition to the look she was creating. It’s not like she was trying to do them on the table top or cart where travel would probably result in the need of an ambulance
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