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  1. The website is being a bit annoying at the moment as I check for any returned tickets for upcoming performances, it has a habit of showing that tickets are available for a performance (currently this evening) and when you click on Buy to see where these seats are located it indicates that it’s two seats in the amphitheatre, when you get to the map to see where they are they’ve gone. Fair enough, someone must have just snapped them up but when you refresh the various pages it says there are now four seats in the amphitheatre but still doesn’t show up on the map. I shall just have to wait until the Rush this afternoon.
  2. I presume some differences include the tree and the use of Simon Callow
  3. I'll be able to tell you at the end of the month, I'm seeing RB on the 28th and then the BRB at the Albert Hall on the 29th 😊
  4. The St Petersburg Classic Ballet do the same, I've seen it for the last couple of years in Bath...I assumed it was due to a limited number of principal grade dancers
  5. I’m not upset, just thoroughly disappointed you didn’t call her Nelly-welly 😞
  6. Rob S

    Curtain call photo help needed

    Bingo https://gadgetguideonline.com/s9/how-to-use-galaxy-s9-camera-pro-mode-on-galaxy-s9-and-s9/ Scroll down to Adjust Autofocus Mode and it tells you how you can adjust your metering in Pro Mode.....practice around your house rather than the Opera House It's a good idea to establish whether it offers exposure lock so that you can keep taking shots at the same meter reading rather than continually resetting it, as I found to my cost during Mayerling with my iphone....one decent Yuhui pic followed by four overexposed ones...I discovered holding your finger there for a few seconds locked it rather than just setting it for one shot with a short tap
  7. Rob S

    Curtain call photo help needed

    Have you looked at the 'Pro' mode on the camera app? It seems to allow more manual control
  8. Rob S

    Curtain call photo help needed

    I'd say it's best to post this on a phone forum or a photography website but I would imagine spot metering needs to be enabled some how otherwise the camera will try to get a perfect exposure of all that red curtain. rather than the dancers
  9. I see the two seats between me and my beloved aisle that were ‘sold’ at the time I booked are now available 😫
  10. Now that is what I call something special for Christmas 😊
  11. And now I’m SINGING Gloria!! I do love a bit of Laura Branigan. 🙂 I enjoyed last night, highlight obviously was SIC but found Infra surprisingly interesting once it got going. I have got tickets in the Friday Rush to see it all again on Monday and Thursday.
  12. People were saying it was some sort of audio equipment, I did check to see if I was blasting everyone with the Eagles in error.
  13. Was anyone else aware of strange noises during Infra? At the interval after it the usher in the right Stalls Circle was asking if anyone heard things. Because I’ve never seen Infra before I assumed the noise was part of the show.