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  1. On my second ever trip to the ROH earlier this year I saw Alexander Campbell and Alistair Campbell...one was on stage, one sat in the foyer, can't remember which was which now
  2. Must be something about newsapers and Mayerling, on Friday Alexander Campbell posted an Instagram Story featuring a photo of him in the Standard (?) that had labelled him as Alexander Bratfisch!
  3. Rob S

    Audience Behaviour

    I should point out I didn't open them in the way I would at home but with one hand under a folded arm.....but as the woman I was talking to claimed she was put off by the loud ticking of a woman's watch behind us I was clearly in a tough crowd.
  4. Rob S

    Audience Behaviour

    If only I'd seen this post before last night, although Jelly Babies (in soft paper bag) aren't very good for sorting out tickly throats. Anyway, I'm here to confess my sin from last night's performance of Mayerling....at the first interval an usher came up to me and very diplomatically pointed out that someone behind me had complained about the squeaking of my sweet wrappers as I opened them ( I only opened two, from a small supply in my breast pocket during the louder moments of the act) . Although I wanted a large hole to open up in front of me....between my seat in the second row and the orchestra pit... it did create an ideal ice breaker with one of the few people around to witness my embarrassment, I did tell her I may well end up appearing in the 'Audience Behaviour' thread on a ballet forum I occasionally post on, and here I am
  5. I've got to post one of Yuhui too, of course
  6. From last night A great night, I was expecting Tierny Heap as Empress Elizabeth (listed as being her debut in the role) but it turned out to be Lara Turk
  7. Lightweight piece would be an understatement.
  8. A few words from Yasmine and Francesca
  9. I'm sure that won't be answered in the next 15-20 minutes
  10. Quick heads up......There's going to be a report on the BBC 6 o'clock news about the RB's attempt to be more diverse
  11. Don’t these people realise all their problems can be solved by rebranding themselves as Royal Opera House & Partners!?
  12. Yep, just checked (for the squilionth time) and all 5 hours of it is up in one video...cheekily they claim it was uploaded 2 hours ago
  13. I subscribe to the ROH youtube channel and the most recent content on there that I can see is the Unknown Soldier Insight
  14. You may have seen the multiple uses of the phrase We've taken the decision to share the stream on Facebook in order to reach as many people as possible, on the ROH website.....every year I watch the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Youtube or Facebook (they use both) on the days that I don't go to the event in person, it works well for hours and hours a a time and throughout the day links on their FB page which followers will also pick up on their newsfeed so clips of interesting incidents which also serve as reminders that this event is on to see. I have no idea why the ROH can't do the same or very similar unless it's down to Youtube fees