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  1. Apologies! At least he hasn't been injured but his exchange visit to Australia didn't work out from the RB's point of view when his counterpart was. He certainly looks suitable for Romeo. I wonder what will happen if Clarke is still off in a month? Would Andrijashenko perhaps be a bit too young-looking compared to Nunez?
  2. Am I right in thinking they're the only 2 male principals who have been dancing principal roles at the RB all season (so far) though? Everyone else seems to have been missing at various points. Ball - in Bourne's Swan Lake, plus injured part of that time Bonelli - on sabbatical since December, apart from Frankenstein Kish - has actually been there but has danced character roles rather than principal ones McRae - Cats then off injured Soares - leaving at the end of the season & hasn't been cast in anything since January Watson - off injured & not cast in anything till June Plus of the 5 male first Soloists all bar Sambe have been off injured at some point during the season so far. I guess it's no wonder the RB keeps running out of men!
  3. And my not-seeing-most-of-the-male-dancers-I've-booked-for curse also continues! I too have never heard of the replacement but a quick Google indicates he looks apprpriately youthful at any rate. Earlier I succumbed to Friday rush temptation & got a ticket for next Friday. I know I don't literally need to see Cuthbertson or Avis but that isn't stopping me from feeling like I do!
  4. Sorry, I didn't phrase that very clearly. I meant that as I've never seen them in the role before this run might be my only chance to ever see them, whereas most regular ballet viewers are likely to have seen them multiple times in previous runs.
  5. That now makes a lot more sense of the listing. Although I'm also now a tad apprehensive at the number of modern pieces involved! I hope the choreographers are ones who are fairly classical in style.
  6. I've booked for both Nunez & Lamb partly in case it's the last time either of them dance Juliet. Of course that reason won't apply to those of you who have been watching them in the role for years. I'm also booked for, in decreasing order of age, Hamilton & Hayward.
  7. Ah, right. I think I'm finding it unclear because I take "2nd year students" as = year 8 and "3rd year students" as = year 9. Presumably they actually mean the 2nd & 3rd years of the upper school.
  8. I had a look at that page the other day when Opera Holland Park tweeted the link to it. However I didn't find it that helpful. I've booked for one of the OHP performances which is billed as being mostly the 16-19 year old students and the only item on that list that seems to apply to them is the Ashton Les Valses. I don't know much about Ashton but I was under the impression that it is a shorter piece so presumbly it won't just be that for the evening? At least I hope it won't be as it's a long trip to OHP for 1 short piece!
  9. I do hope that they won't use "relevance" to mean "has to directly reflect 21st century life". On that basis we'd get a very short main house 2018/19 RB season consisting of double bill of Infra & Flight Path!
  10. I did it the other way round & noticed the added Medusa casting but completely failed to twig that Campbell had moved casts! When I saw he was in the cast I'm seeing my thought was "Oh, I didn't realise I was seeing him in this. That's good" & assumed I'd just forgotten he was in it. With 2 triple bills in 2 months it's hard to remember who's in what - maybe that's why the RB hasn't bothered notifying ticket holders & has hoped no-one would notice!
  11. Yes, I'm sure that could be the case. I imagine I might also find it more interesting if I saw the RB do it, when I'd know who the dancers were. The Munich cast were all unknown to me, except for having seen Shklyarov mentioned on here. Also, I thought most of the filming was good but there were a few occasions when the camera was focused on only a few dancers & I got the impression that we were missing out on what was happening elsewhere on stage. Usually I like close-ups but for this piece, where acting wasn't really required, they seemed less necessary.
  12. Anyone had notification from the ROH of that cast change? I certainly haven't. (Not that I'm objecting to seeing Campbell!)
  13. Casting is now on the website for Medusa https://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/within-the-golden-hour-medusa-flight-pattern Hirano's ubiquity this season continues: he's the only dancer listed in both casts!
  14. I've just watched Jewels. I was very interested to see it as I have not seen any Balanchine before but am booked for the RB triple bill in June that includes Symphony in C, so I wanted to get an idea of his choreographic style before seeing that. I liked Diamonds the most out of the three parts. Not knowing how it's supposed to be danced, I didn't see anything wrong with Alina Sumova's performance (apart from a minor tutu mishap!) & thought Vladimir Shklyarov was excellent. Emeralds I found stylistically attractive but a bit inert. Rubies I found more interesting but didn't like some of the movements that much. In both Emeralds & Rubies I liked Prisca Zeisel the most out of the lead female dancers. Overall I liked Balanchine's choreographic style but 3 acts with not a shred of plot between them is not my preference, I'd rather see a narrative 3-acter. I should be fine for Symphony in C though, as that's just the 1 act & the other 2 ballets in the bill do have plots!
  15. I thought that when I saw the list on the back of the cast sheet at Manon in January. Shale Wagman, dancing the Beggar Chief, yes an Emerging Artist but Alison McWhinney, dancing the title role, surely "Emerged" some time ago! I would consider Emerging Artists to be dancers who are in the corps de ballet and starting to dance a few solo roles.
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