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  1. The ROH website has finally now got the running times up.
  2. Yes, it was. I must have seen it in its last year, as I would have been too young before, so my confusion may have partly been because I was only 6 and a half in 1991 but my mother also remembers it as confusing so I don't think it was just due to my age.
  3. I'm starting to wonder if someone at the RO dislikes Tchaikovsky, as we've already suffered Holten's awful (IMO) Eugene Onegin & now this Queen of Spades. If the director thinks he's being original by putting Tchaikovsky on stage then he isn't, as about 25 years ago I saw a very confusing Nutcracker production where most of the characters at the party were turned into members of the Tchaikovsky family.
  4. I've just had that too. I'm wondering why we've had an email for this cast change but didn't get one for Sambe replacing Hay, especially given Hans-Peter has more stage time than the Prince!
  5. This is a brilliant post, FLOSS. I've only been operagoing at the ROH for 14 years, not long compared to many on here, but even in that time the productions in the last few years seem to be noticeably less appealing, with this season particularly bad. Up until this season I had not seen the Royal Ballet live because by the time I'd paid for seeing several operas a year (SC restricted view but still £50+ per ticket) I didn't feel I could justify ballet too. This season there are so few operas I want to see (thus far only Simon Boccanegra, which is a longstanding & traditional production, & nothing else till April) that I've finally got round to seeing the RB! At least with the RB productions if you book for a "traditional" ballet then you seem pretty safe in getting a production which is comprehensible & attractive, which cannot be said for an awful lot of the recent opera productions.
  6. Yes, Bonelli is still being listed in Nutcracker. I have a ticket for 9th January & have been checking the ROH website for that performance almost every day for weeks, since it was announced that he was going to be on sabbatical, but there's still no change, even though Sambe has replaced Hay in the interim. I'm not sure whether I should be hoping that Bonelli may turn up after all or if it definitely is just incompetance in not changing his name to TBC.
  7. I'm pleased Naghdi is still dancing 20th Dec eve (hope she won't be too knackered by then!) but disappointed that Corrales won't be. It would also be nice to know who some of the rest of the Patineurs cast is supposed to be. I've not seen the piece before but I understand that it's a mixture of solos, duets, trios and groups so there must be more than one member of cast - unless the RB has run so short of dancers that they're re-choreographing it as a solo piece! I'm another one who is disappointed that there are no proper casting notifications now being sent. In the last couple of months I've started checking the ROH website almost every day to see if the casts I'm supposed to be seeing have changed, as evidently no one is bothering to alert us.
  8. Thanks. I was starting to wonder if my expectations of actually seeing the dancers I'd booked to see were too high.
  9. I'll keep my fingers crossed then, as I have a ticket for 20th & was looking forward to seeing Naghdi live for the first time. This is the first season I'm seeing the RB live & I don't seem to be doing very well on the casting front. I've already had Hirano for Watson in Mayerling & will have Sambe for Hay in Nutcracker, with Bonelli's participation in doubt. Now this doubt over Winter Dreams. Is this much changing of lead cast members normal for ballet? I know dancers get injured but I've seen several RB cinecasts in the last few years & they all seemed to have had the originally-announced leads appear.
  10. So if Naghdi is now dancing with the first night cast would that mean she won't be dancing with the cast she was originally listed with? Would a principal dancer perform 3 nights in a row?
  11. Ah, so my vague memory of a production where Clara swaps with the Sugar Plum fairy by the first disappearing behind Drosselmeyer's cape & the second appearing out the other side is probably the BRB production then.
  12. As it has been referred to several times, may I ask what are the main differences between the BRB Nutcracker and the RB one? I did see the BRB one back in 1995 but I was only 10 at the time and the only detail I can remember is that the tree seemed to be bigger in Birmingham - and even that may just be because I was smaller!
  13. I thought that the ROH were supposed to still email ticket holders for cast changes, even post Open Up. I'm sure I got an email when Hirano replaced Watson in Mayerling. However I haven't had anything through for The Nutcracker despite having a ticket for 9th January. I think I might give up, return my ticket & just go to the cinecast & save myself about £50, given there are now 3 out of 5 cast members the same plus the likelihood of Bonelli turning up appears to be low.
  14. Thanks Alison. So just a blank wall there then. I wish I'd seen the pre-90s state of the ROH. I've read books written 1930s-50s with characters visiting & it annoys me that I can't envisage exactly what it would have been like.
  15. This is a bit off topic but I hope I can get away with it as some recent posts have been talking about the ROH in the past. When I was at the ROH on Saturday for Simon Boccanegra, getting temporarily lost finding how you now get into stalls circle left, I found myself wondering this. Where you now go through to the newly Opened Up area, and previously went through to the link corridor and cloakroom, underneath the staircase up to the Crush Bar, what was there before the Floral Hall was incorporated into the ROH in the late 90s? I first went to the ROH in 2004 so never saw it before the last major redevelopment.