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  1. That's interesting to know, though I'm not sure I'd want to see any version of Rosenkavalier without Strauss's glorious music. I've just Googled it & see it had a male dancer as Octavian, doubtless necessary in order to have pdds. I can't say that the production looks to be very 18th century so presumably, like so many productions of the opera, it got an update. (I prefer the full 18th century white wigs, breeches & hoop skirts option myself - okay maybe not the hoop skirts for a ballet!)
  2. I'm now thinking about which Strauss operas could be turned into ballets. I can imagine both Rosenkavalier & Arabella as ballets, Adiane not so much (they are my 3 favourites). I'm amusing myself by fantasy casting a Rosenkavalier ballet (with RB dancers, as I've not seen any of the German ballet companies).
  3. My local cinema is doing its Don Q encore on Monday so perhaps you could find one near you that is also doing that day.
  4. I didn't know he listed his performance dates. Do other RB dancers do this too? I'm very pleased to see that I should be seeing him as both Lorenzo and Don Quixote.
  5. I'm afraid that I had very little interest in seeing students perform & only ended up at the first performance because I wanted to see Campbell/Naghdi. I will say that the students considerably exceeded my expectations, helped by most of them being Upper School & therefore able to do "proper" ballet, i.e. pas de deux & en pointe. I thgouth beforehand that it might be a bunch of 12 year olds skipping around, like in the party scene in The Nutcracker. I'm still not sure I'd want to see an entire programme done by students though.
  6. I've not been to any RB Insight events but I've been to pre/post event talks from other companies. While audience members asking really obvious questions can be a bit annoying, I find it much worse when people use the guise of asking a question to assert their own opinions in as longwinded & dogmatic a fashion as they can get away with. I don't feel that a Q&A session is an appropriate occasion for that sort of thing.
  7. That's got me checking the other major UK opera & ballet companies' websites but none of them have a concert master/leader listed, just the conductor. If it was a Union demand then I'm guessing it would apply to all the companies? Maybe it's a hint that I should pay more attention to orchestras. I confess that quite frequently I find myself seeing the conductor entering the ROH pit & realise that, while I know exactly who is going to be singing that night, I have no idea who the conductor is!
  8. Something I found myself wondering while wandering around on the ROH's website this evening: why do they list the concert master as well as the conductor for all forthcoming ballet performances? For Romeo & Juliet, for instance, is would surely be far more useful to know who will be dancing Mercutio, Tybalt, etc. but that information isn't given. I find it hard to belive that anyone - apart perhaps from the leader's friends & relations, who could find out privately from them - ever books a ballet performance based on who will be leading the first violins! Also every time I read it it slightly irritates me that the ROH uses "concert master", which seems like an Americanism, rather than "leader".
  9. Given how many returns, or whatever they are, for main stage productions keep popping up you'd think there would be the odd one for the Linbury, even with it having far fewer seats. Oh well, I'm keeping a slot open in the probably vain hope that tickets might pop up nearer the time...
  10. It's especially curious given the comments about trying to discourage regulars from buying so many seats - or perhaps that doesn't apply to regulars who are prepared to pay a few hundreds extra! PS While there have been some Forza seats made available subsequently, has anyone seen even a single seat become available for the similarly already sold out on 30th January Berenice? I've been checking every day myself but haven't seen any at all.
  11. After reading all these raves for Nunez & Muntagirov I was delighted to check the ROH website just now & find a single side sc ticket available for next Saturday. So I'll be seeing my first Don Q a month earlier than planned. Now I'll just spend the next week praying Muntagirov doesn't join the injury ranks!
  12. Are the costumes they're in the ones for the final act wedding? Is it usual for the RB to have to bring in a replacement from an external company when a dancer is injured or is exception & that they've run out of suitable men with so many injured/off elsewhere recently? (PS If I'm asking too many questions that are blindingly obvious to those of you that know the piece then someone feel free to tell me to stop!)
  13. Thanks to those who have replied to my query about Muntagirov. Given how much I enjoyed Two Pigeons, I'd certainly be interested in any Ashton triple bill that was put on. As I don't know anything about the 3 pieces named I don't know if I'd like them or not but I'd give them a go & hope I would.
  14. My mother loved Cuthbertson too & thought she was better than Naghdi. I enjoyed both their performances about equally but in different ways. Out of the two casts I saw the only point at which I felt I could really split them on merit was the Young Man's Act 2 solo, in which I thought Muntagirov was defininitely better than Campbell. This isn't to say that Campbell didn't do it very well but Muntagirov is so good technically that I would guess there aren't many dancers that he doesn't out-do in the big solos. (Was Muntagirov a late developer? I'm baffled as to why, when he trained at the RBS, the RB didn't snap him up straight away & that's the only possible reason I can think of.) Was he scheduled to dance or was he replacing Bracewell?
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing it because I've not seen it before & because it'll be my first time seeing either Campbell or Magri in principal roles in a full-length ballet. I rather wish I was seeing Muntagirov too but the only one of his dates that I can make is sold out so I'll have to see if any desirable returns pop up in the next few weeks.
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