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  1. JA Auditions

    My daughter is a JA and she doesn't have very well developed arches. However she does have a long kneck and legs and very slim. She does also have very strong legs and can balance for ages in her rises. Go for it. They are looking for potential. DD has weekly metatarsal exercises from RB and you can see her feet changing.
  2. My daughter is a RBS JA. In lessons they have to wear full sole....works the foot more her teacher said at her first lesson. I would go to audition wearing that too
  3. Overseas summer schools 2019

    Oooh we are going to Brittany next year on our holiday. Mentioned it to my DD and she said she might not understand as she doesn't speak very much French!
  4. YBSS application 2018

    A no for us for the scholarship. As expected as she is only just 9 years old, and there were so many people. We didn't apply for a place without this tear as couldn't afford. She will be sad but said she learnt some new exercises so that's all good
  5. YBSS application 2018

    Oooh just read on FB that they are emailing results out tomorrow Good luck to all those who applied. The Leeds audition on Sunday was busy!!!!!
  6. Just booked this to take DDs younger sister to her first ballet Tickets looked to be selling quite well too, so glad I saw this post
  7. YBSS application 2018

    I'm guessing it will be after the Leeds scholarship audition which has been postponed til April 15th because of the snow?
  8. YBSS application 2018

    Yes we have just got an email with the new date, asking us to confirm attendance.
  9. YBSS application 2018

    Thanks everyone! She is going in to it with the same approach as her RB JA audition......a day out in Leeds with Mummy......she just wants to go to Hotel Chocolat for a hot chocolate afterwards!!!
  10. YBSS application 2018

    Forgot to add she is grade 3 ISTD as I know there are more grades with RAD.....if that makes any difference?! So lost in this world of ballet!!!!
  11. YBSS application 2018

    I have just been reading the admissions standards and it's says at least grade 4 for students 9-12years. Mmmmm no point in my grade 3 9 year old trying then Ooopsy she will be sad, but that's what happens when she's only been dancing two years!
  12. YBSS application 2018

    I've only done the scholarship form as she's only going this time if she gets one. I haven't done the other and haven't been asked for it?
  13. YBSS application 2018

    I'm guessing we just turn up at the time for our DD age group that it says on their website? I got an email confirmation to say application had been received.
  14. YBSS application 2018

    If I have read it right......if you only want to go of you get a scholarship then you just do that form. But......if you want to be considered a place if you don't get a scholarship you need to fill in that form with the photos. I think that's right from what it says?!
  15. YBSS application 2018

    And so DD has now decided that she wants to have a go at YBSS.....last week of term won't hurt missing. I told she would have to go residential.....i think her JA trip to Covent Garden has inspired her!!! I also told her she was only going if she got a scholarship as I had already paid for another summer school!! Tough Mummy love! I think she secretly wants to have a nosey around Northern Ballet too!