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  1. Two I knkw of got in at my dds centre (she is yr 5 at the mo). One had been there since Year 4 and one started year 6
  2. sunrise81

    CAT schemes

    Fab thanks! Already over there on a Saturday for her RBS JA lesson and taking her over to Waarington once a month for Cecchetti Associates too so ok with the weekend demand. Just the weekday lessons. Oooh the decisions!
  3. sunrise81

    CAT schemes

    Does anyone know about the lesson times for NB CAT as will be looking at this next year. I work full time so need to think carefully about the demands for this.
  4. My dd is a Royal JA and we get a yearly telephone report from headteacher which is really specific about how she is doing and areas to work on.
  5. Just want to say congratulations. We are very early in the ballet journey so can't help with suggestions. My 10 year old dd is going to moorland summer school......she can't wait!
  6. It seems all of her RBS JA friends who applied also got no too. Apart from the one boy who applied. We went to the scholarship audition too. We are off to one of the Easter pop up days so hoping they start to notice her there, on the advice of her dance teacher, who also told her not to worry and said Moorland would be lovely for her so off she goes to that for a week
  7. Thanks Just shown her and she seems happier now! I feel so bad for her as I can't answer her question of why she keeps getting a no. Not looki forward to auditions next year!
  8. Ooh those are good suggestions. Any experience of them?
  9. Just had a look at Malvern but we are on holiday during both those weeks. We are up in the north too. She's too young for Northern Ballet. EYB are doing a performance in York that she had been told about, so might let her apply for that.
  10. So it's a no for my dd. She is beginning to get a bit disheartened. She is RBS JA (will have had 3 full years of this) and a Cecchetti Associate, so she is good! She got a no last year for ybss, and a no this year for both RB and ybss I dont know how to cheer her up!
  11. Thanks!!!! Wish they had said something instead of me finding out like this and having a panic 😂
  12. So results are out tomorrow......but we applied for a one week residential for week 1. Now, a friend messaged me and asked which week we applied for as doing a last minute application, and that option is no longer on the list!!!! Week 3 is only option for one week res. What's going on???? I emailed them but no reply? Anyone else noticed this? Or is it because they have designated places already which removes the option from the list? Do I do a last min application for week 3?
  13. It's all done by photo audition
  14. I would always email and ask when Ybss do courses......my DD did her first one in Sept. She was grade 3 and hadn't started the RAD and was 9 instead of 10 years old 😂 They let her do it and she was fine. The Cecchetti is great.....fab variety of teachers and a second dance subject each time along with the ballet class
  15. The YBSS pop ups are great. My DD is Year 5 and started going to them this year.....her Royal JA teacher teaches on them too so it's really nice for her. Level wise my DD is ISTD grade 4 and RAD inter foundation, and she manages fine. DD is also a Cecchetti Associate which runs at Kate Simmons Dance in Warrington once a month on a Sunday. Fab extra course too! Auditions are in June for next year. With regards to YBSS courses you need to be quick as they sell out fast....the Easter one is sold out on both days now.
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