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  1. sunrise81

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    Just wondering if anyone has attended Moorland summer school?
  2. sunrise81

    Results of YBSS auditions 2019

    At the audition they said 1st February. And you would find out if you had a place with or without scholarship, or no place at all.
  3. sunrise81

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    Yes thus is true for our dd. It's in her last week of term and if she gets a place her primary school have said they would authorise as education off site.
  4. sunrise81

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    It's free And it was also free to attend the scholarship audition!
  5. A straight no for us for my dd. Saves me some money though!!!! 😂 Although I know she will be sad
  6. Which year group and week is your dd? I'm waiting on week 3 for 10 year old dd
  7. Waaaah!! This is like JA results all over again!
  8. We haven't heard anything. They said before Xmas.....there's 2 days left of my school term and I know RBS broke up last Friday. I have a DD who is starting to ask each day!
  9. Since the closing date is today for Summer Intensive, good luck to.all those waiting for results over the coming weeks.
  10. Just read on fb post that they say we will hear by the Christmas holidays.
  11. sunrise81

    JA insight days - Leeds

    Really?! My daughter's school has always been supportive. Authorised each day she has had off for workshops, and even my school for me has (though had to take the days unpaid).