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  1. sunrise81

    RBS Summer School

    Oh my! I've just registered my RBS JA DD who wants to do the summer intensive. The photos are the same as her application for JAs! How on earth they choose who to take from these is beyond me!!!!!!!! 😂
  2. sunrise81

    Dance bag recommendations?

    If you look on then RBS Flickr account you can see photos of the workshop days It is lovely and they then make new friends from other centres.
  3. sunrise81

    Dance bag recommendations?

    Each of the year groups get invited to RBS Covent Garden to do a workshop for the day with the rest of the JAs from all over the country in that year. Last year my DD in Year 4 did a workshop on La Fille Mal Gardee. Loved it!! At lunch they got to go over the bridge of aspiration and in to the ROH and watched the company in rehearsal and saw Steven McRae
  4. sunrise81

    Dance bag recommendations?

    My daughter is a JA and has a Capezio bag. It's pink and black. In the larger top section to fits her folder, her character skirt which we roll, her ballet shoes and snack. In the smaller section underneath she fits her hair kit, character shoes and rolled up towel. https://www.movedancewear.com/accessories_and_bags_dance_bags-capezio_multicompartment_dance_gear_bag/1840/?sku=CA B122&gclid=CjwKCAjw8ajcBRBSEiwAsSky_RVoBm20rfg5hvLicDUZxvFu9djBrKmGO7wpiuqd1dtLJzwSgAQJ8RoCUWYQAvD_BwE It did look a bit big to start with but she needs to space for when she goes to workshops down at Covent Garden so fit in lunch and props to.
  5. sunrise81

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    Thank you There is also the Cecchetti Associate scheme as well which my DD will be starting but I don't think there is a centre over NE. My DD had never danced before her first lesson, never done any extra stretching etc, never danced in the festival comps and doesn't come from a dancing family at all. She just seems to have that something and loves it
  6. sunrise81

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    For RBS you can audition whilst your child is in Year 3 for starting in Sept year 4. That's what my DD did. Like yours she was taking grade 1 and star ting grade 2, and had only been dancing since just before her 7th birthday. She got a place We did the insight day at Leeds to see what a lesson would be like and she loved it. Go for it! You do have to be quick booking the insight day places as they go fast!!!!
  7. sunrise81

    Can you put insoles into ballet shoes? (not pointe)

    Following this as my DD is exactly the same!!!! Can anyone recommend any full sole leather (for RBS JA) which have a bit more cushioning in them?
  8. sunrise81

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Just thought I would drop in here. My DD is currently doing the Professional Dance Experience summer course in Leeds and she is absolutely loving it!!!! I'm so impressed with the organisation of the course, she is loving being in the studios of NSCD, and she says every tea her is approachable and give helpful corrections too. I'm really looking forward to the demonstration on Friday
  9. On the website there is a rehearsal schedule. For us from the north it isn't feasible, plus school hasn't broken up for the two days in December so I would have to take days off unpaid
  10. sunrise81

    Dance school recommendations Leeds/Bradford

    Northern Dance Centre......classes in Ilkley and Skipton.....if not too far away
  11. sunrise81

    When to go for associates?

    There is a girl at my daughters dance school who got a place on the Northern CAT. She had to give up her lessons at the school and she does have to go over to Leeds during the week as well as on a Saturday. I would say there's more demand on parents to get them over there. Which is why when it comes to it we are going vocational rather than CAT.
  12. sunrise81

    When to go for associates?

    Your daughter sounds exactly like my daughter! She was 8 (Year 3) when she auditioned for RBS JAs, and grade 2 and was just about to start at her dance schools associates too - she has just finished her first year with the RBS JAs as a Year 4, and has loved it. She also just auditioned for the Cecchetti Associates and got a place on that too for September start - I think doing the JAs gave her more confidence with the audition as she does get nervous - but was able to come out of it and say it was easy and could do everything in the audition. So in my opinion doing the JAs has helped her massively - and that's only after one year!
  13. sunrise81

    cecchetti associates

    Our Northern audition was Sunday 17th and she got the letter on the Friday. The organiser said results out within two weeks. Woukd have thought they would be out for you then already?!
  14. At Leeds very few have a mat. Majority is a towel.....and some very brightly coloured ones too!