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  1. sunrise81

    JA insight days - Leeds

    Really?! My daughter's school has always been supportive. Authorised each day she has had off for workshops, and even my school for me has (though had to take the days unpaid).
  2. sunrise81

    JA insight days - Leeds

    Different times all throughout the day. Ours was just before lunch, so it was a whole day off school!!!!
  3. I found it after spending ages looking.....20th....so reckoning end of month we hear. Spring have heard a week after closing date haven't they?
  4. So a little Facebook search showed a boy in Australia has a yes for summer! I had forgotten what the waiting was like for things - haven't done it for two years nearly since waiting for JA results!
  5. Woah! I was expecting to have to wait a few weeks for results. We are waiting for summer though for my DD Fingers crossed everyone!
  6. sunrise81

    Christmas present ideas 2018

    I had seen the Dot aswell, but this looks great. Will this be ok for DD to practice pirouettes and pointe work when she started after Xmas?
  7. sunrise81

    Ballet newbie - late-starters and associates

    There is also the Cecchetti Associate scheme too, which I have been really impressed with so far in terms of the quality of teaching she has received from some fab teachers in the industry. Btw my daughter had only been dancing a year before she auditioned for the Royal Ballet Junior Associates and was accepted. They are looking for potential so it's always worth a go
  8. sunrise81

    Ballet vs academics

    I have found the opposite with my DD. She is Year 5. Does between 4 and 7 hours per week of ballet as is. Royal Associate and a Cecchetti Associate this year too. All of a sudden her ballet has seen an improvement and keeps being commented by her ballet teachers, and her school work has come on loads so that now she is on top table for maths and English
  9. Photo requirements for a ten year old girl? Is it bare legs and no shoes, or socks and shoes? I'm sure it says somewhere!
  10. sunrise81

    ISTD junior ballet award

    Thanks everyone. Will see how it goes!
  11. sunrise81

    ISTD junior ballet award

    Hi Has anyone elses DC done thus before. My DD has been asked and she wanted to so we are. She is learning a dance for it, but what else should she expect to happen. Want to prepare her as this is her first competition as her dance school doesn't enter festivals so never been in this situation before.
  12. sunrise81

    Moorland International Ballet Elite Programme

    My DD doesn't attend the school, but went on Sunday to the Matthew Bourne workshop and loved it. She will be thinking about auditionsnext year for Year 7 start and has always said white lodge and elmhurst. We had never considered Moorland until now so that is good to hear.
  13. sunrise81

    RBS Summer School

    Oh my! I've just registered my RBS JA DD who wants to do the summer intensive. The photos are the same as her application for JAs! How on earth they choose who to take from these is beyond me!!!!!!!! 😂
  14. sunrise81

    Dance bag recommendations?

    If you look on then RBS Flickr account you can see photos of the workshop days It is lovely and they then make new friends from other centres.