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  1. drdance

    foot injury in young girls

    Is your daughter at vocational school? Are you in the UK? If the answer to these questions is yes then it will be difficult to talk to your DD's ballet teacher. However, if the answer is yes then she will also have access (hopefully) to at least a good dance physio and/or strength coach. Something in your post makes me think that you're not in the UK, though which makes my advice different so please let us know where you are. Thanks
  2. drdance

    Too skinny (age 8)

    There are some really good things that your DD can do to help her build strength if you're really worried about her, but pilates isn't necessarily one of them! As other parents have already said, there's probably nothing to worry about and her strength will develop with age and physical maturity.
  3. drdance

    Dance physio

    Eeeek! Who did you see in the end? I’m afraid I can’t comment on the healing of a labrum tear other than to say take it very seriously. For other followers on the thread who don’t know what this is - the labrum is a bit of cartilage that goes around the edge of the hip socket. When the labrum tears, sometimes the torn bit gets a bit loose and can catch in the joint. Hip labrum tears are quite common in professional ballet dancers of a certain age due to wear and tear, but this is an injury that sadly is becoming more and more common in adolescent dancers as they strive for the ‘instagram-trendy’ extreme flexibility. I wish your DD a thorough recovery and hopefully she’ll be back dancing soon.
  4. drdance

    Claudia Dean's thoughts on when to go full time

    There’s been lots of research recently on early specialisation in sport and findings indicate there are risks including higher injury, psychological stress & ill health, and a greater drop-out rate. To my knowledge no similar research exists in dance although it should!
  5. drdance

    Summer schools for adults?

    I know there are some adult ballet courses out there but can anyone tell me if there are residential summer schools for adult dancers? Thanks
  6. drdance

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    You could brush/dab on black liquid dye in the same way people brush/dab on calamine BUT make sure that the shoe doesn’t get wet otherwise the shoe is compromised
  7. drdance

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    His mum isn’t a ballet mum at all so she’s not really bothered, she’s quite happy to not have to trek to Birmingham every weekend! I don’t know if it’s height per se but proportions - my lad is long in the body. Yes it was Birmingham
  8. drdance

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    It was a No for my pupil - I thought he was a little tall perhaps for RBS but he has so much potential and stunning legs and feet. Hopefully he's not too upset.
  9. drdance

    What after junior associate auditions??

    MIDAS auditions are this Sunday but we can still add one or two people if you’re keen.
  10. drdance

    What after junior associate auditions??

    Depends where you are in the country but there are lots of supplementary training programmes available nowadays. Can you let us know where you are willing to travel?
  11. drdance

    Dubious teacher CPD - what would you think?

    While we're on the topic of CPD - lets not forget that an unqualified person can open a dance school where no exams are taken. This "teacher" has no obligation, other than moral, to undertake any further CPD, ever. Secondly, while the major examining bodies have CPD requirements, lets also not forget that there is no requirement for child protection training. CPD hours can be online, you can claim hours for going to the theatre, and you can self-certify your CPD without having to ever submit evidence. Therefore, many teachers can say they are meeting the CPD requirement but not actually attend any course. Only if audited as part of the random process would they need to provide evidence.
  12. drdance

    Dubious teacher CPD - what would you think?

    Scary world indeed. Many times we have all agreed in discussions here that a good dancer does not make a good teacher, however in the current world of social media celebrity there are people out there promoting poor (and indeed dangerous) practice to young dancers who put these people on pedestals. This makes me incredibly angry and frustrated. Having said that, sometimes a young and enthusiastic teacher just needs a bit of guidance into how to direct their enthusiasm into a class for impressionable young people. This teacher may be trying to build resilience in the students; they may have felt like the students weren't dancing full out, or giving 100% and their (naive, IMHO) way of trying to get them to dance full out when tired is to say something like "you have to work hard as a dancer, the industry is tough, I had to dance with an injury once". The plank competition has good intentions, again this is something I do with students to develop strength and mental toughness, but 2 minutes is plenty.
  13. drdance

    Oscon tablets

    I heard a doctor say something (albeit on a tv programme regarding a different condition) recently which resonated with me - "if this worked, doctors would be prescribing it on the NHS in droves". I know we are all looking for solutions to help our young dancers especially those with injuries but conditions such as Osgoodschlatters and Severs need time, and the right combination of good physiotherapy and modified activity.
  14. drdance

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    I haven’t heard from my young lad either - Birmingham boys audition.
  15. drdance

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Me too!! One boy sent - with feet to DIE for!!