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  1. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    Just a note - No report slip will be taken in for RAD exams.
  2. Feb half term

    Have a break! Rest is just as important :-D
  3. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    If you're interested - number 104 is Audrey Freeman, from Australia. She won the YAGP semis in Paris recently and was offered a place at RBS US starting in September, but she's only 14!!!! :-O
  4. Anterior pelvic tilt

    Personally, I'd advise you to hold the positions for at least a minute or so, making sure you're not holding your breath. You might need to build up to that though!
  5. Strengthening tips/advice for leg extensions wanted! 😊

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but you say you have a dance physio - therefore have you asked them for help with this? They are your best option as they know you and can explain things clearly. Without knowing you, or your injury, any one of us here (however good our intentions) may give you advice that may be incorrect or harmful.
  6. Injury

    The thinking regarding knee surgery for cartilage injuries has changed in recent years. Arthroscopy surgery is now NOT recommended unless the persons knee is constantly locking or giving way. If there's no locking/giving way, the recommended course of action is strengthening the knee and hip and careful monitoring while the inflammation is allowed a chance to settle down. Therefore the surgeon is most likely keeping in line with current advice. But like other posters have said - seek a second opinion if you're that concerned.
  7. Anterior pelvic tilt

    Using lower abdominal muscles is vital in achieving the pelvic alignment required in classical ballet. Try lying on your back with your knees bend and feet flat on the floor, and then using your abdominal muscles to draw your tummy towards your spine, and your spine towards the floor. If it helps, you can slip your hand under the arch in your lower back and then try to squash it. To make this harder, do it with your legs extended, and to make it harder still, put your arms above your head.
  8. Technique - Can it always improve?

    @MuddledMama In response to your original question - YES! Technique absolutely can be improved. From a teachers' perspective (and also one of being a student who moved dance schools several times to find the right 'fit', including situations as described in your post) I can say that your DD is rushing through the grades and needs a teacher who can help her develop her technique and confidence. Knowing the work is only a tiny part of it. A nurturing teacher will help every student in the class to develop their dance technique, musicality and performance to not only be able to perform the set exercises in the syllabus, but to understand the technique, timing, intention etc behind every movement. Therefore my advice to you on this issue is to find another teacher. It isn't easy as a parent. Often the schools that appear the most successful are large, an awful lot of teachers out there have their own hidden agendas/insecurities/axes to grind, and sadly this ends up being manifested in how they teach and while some students get lucky and thrive with a teacher, many others will suffer at the same school/studio. Also - I want to echo the comments of other posters, but in no way do I mean this as an insult or a criticism of you - do not underestimate the impact of all of this on mental health. I know of adults in their 30's who have 'suddenly' started suffering fairly moderate to severe mental health issues as a result of teenage emotional abuse/neglect or bullying.
  9. Roles in The Nutcracker

    On a tangent - the BRB production is different, and the childrens' roles are different too (this may reflect the lack of a nearby school at the time of the creation of the production by Sir Peter Wright). All the youngsters are JA age, I believe, the party children don't dance as much as in the Royal production (probably due to their youth) but they still get to be mice and soldiers. In the recent Albert Hall production I believe Elmhurst and RB upper school students danced as snowflakes and flowers too.
  10. Swiss Ball

    I managed to pick one up from Tesco and it's a bit bouncy but fine. Bear in mind that come January ALL the supermarkets will have them in to cater for the 'New Years Resolution' types
  11. I'd always worry about young dancers trying to follow any sort of 'generic' app or YouTube tutorials etc by themselves as they are just that - too generic. They don't account for the dancers age, experience, physique, bone structure, strength etc etc etc In my opinion the best way to work on flexibility is to spend some time with a specialist conditioning teacher, dance or sports physio, or similar professional who can help you put together a programne (that you can supervise) based on what she wants to work on and where her strengths/restrictions currently lie.
  12. Hi, Where abouts are you?
  13. Knee drops!?

  14. It's so great to see Elmhurst publicising this so much. I know from having meetings with him that Robert Parker is very keen to implement more S&C in the school but as usual it's all down to funding. What has been wonderful for Nico's work is that it has been so warmly received by the students, and I'm sure that Jade's success story will help support those of us who advocate for safe strength and conditioning training for dancers!
  15. Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that there are still spaces available on the summer course this year which runs from Mon 21st Aug to Friday 25th Aug at mac Birmingham. Each day will include a ballet class and an element of body conditioning (but the specifics will vary daily). There will be additional sessions in pointe, repertoire, turns/leaps, contemporary, lyrical and jazz. It is open to any young dancer aged 10 or over. To book visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/midas-summer-classes-tickets-34793365894 Cost: 1-2 days: £75 per day 3-4 days: £65 per day 5 days: £50 per day