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Tring Park School Auditions -weather!!


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I would say I doubt it actually. When my DD auditioned there for 6th form 3 years ago that area had had a lot of snow and ice and the audition went ahead as normal. Roads in the area had been cleared (all main roads to get to school entrance) though parking in the school grounds was a nightmare. They did allow parents to wait in school during the audition and provided refreshments and biscuits, rather than us have to go into Tring itself, where driving and walking was treacherous. There were a few people late that day but obviously the staff were very understanding and since the audition started with a parents/child talk, they did not miss anything. Wishing you all safe journeys and good auditions.


oh - what I would say is check out the actual location of the school on a street map online, even if you have sat nav as ours took us through the narrow snow covered streets of Tring as the shortest route (and tried to take us to an entrance which was pedestrains only)but we could have stayed on the main road for the main entranand avoided the snow and ice. Other people had the same issue with their sat navs.

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When my dd auditioned for Tring in Jan 2013, it snowed really heavily the day before and the school did cancel the audition. Everyone got telephoned. Mainly because it was unsafe for people to travel and also I believe half their staff couldn't get into work either. However, I later learned that a couple of people went ahead & still auditioned because they had hotel accomodation booked, which if they cancelled they would have lost the money. Luckily I had booked a flexible hotel booking which I was able to change.

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