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  1. For Sale (hardly worn!) Tring Park Sixth Form Grey Skirt from Billings & Edmonds Size: 26" waist, 21" length (was 22" long but we took it up 1") £10.00
  2. Hi tutugirl My DD is currently Tring Grad year and has a flat. I will pm you.
  3. I too would second the recommendation of Judy Breen. My dd trained with her for two years and is now in her third final year of training at full-time vocational school. For Jazz, Modem & Tap though you would have to look for a separate school. Drusilla Duffill in Burgess Hill or Rox or A2 Arts in Hove are good.
  4. Another British girl won Silver last year too. Lucinda from ENBS.
  5. My dd has a NUS card & the discounts available are fantastic .... CoOp, Superdrug, New Look, Asos, plus many restaurants, including Prezzo which I believe is 20%! Can't believe ENBS won't just send a simple email.
  6. Chrysalis have a website if you want to find out more about the company (chrysalisdancelondon). If you look through the dancers profiles, it says that several of them graduated with the Trinity Diploma & are now studying for a BA(Hons) in professional practice at Middlesex University.
  7. I work in a sixth form college and I know that the UCAS deadline is mid Jan, but the college's own internal deadline is much earlier than that, in November I believe. This is to give the college time to check through all the applications, meet & discuss with students, write references etc. This process is extremely time consuming. Hence why the students need to have some idea where they want to apply early in the autumn term. For Oxbridge, medical & veterinary applications, the deadline is much earlier still.
  8. And PM me Taxi. My dd would like to know. She was friends with your dd at last year's BTUK summer school.
  9. I don't think you need to worry too much about the result when at the lower RAD grades. And in her next exam (Grade 3) she could well achieve a distinction once again. It's more important when they get to the higher vocational levels of Intermediate, Adv1 & Adv2 when a distinction is required as an entry requirement for certain competitions, ie Phyllis Bedells, Genee etc.
  10. Billyelliott - my dd has done a lot of daily commuting from the Sussex coast to London for various summer schools and it costs an absolute fortune if you're travelling in the peak early morning. The cheapest option, if you decide not to stay up in a hotel, is to buy a weekly season ticket.
  11. So do I Jade! When my dd started at upper school, I never ever realised they'd get through this many & never took all this expense into account.
  12. Endless pointe shoes, uniform, practice tutu, other dance clothes (for asssessments, cups, shows etc), travel costs, spending money for socialising, NUS card, student railcard, medical insurance, school trips, exam fees, books, chiropodist & other essential medical appointments (not covered by insurance) .... list is endless.
  13. Changing the subject slightly to student accommodation in Tring, does anyone here on the forum have experience of getting private flat accommodation in Tring? My dd will be going into third graduate year in Sept so has to start looking for a shared flat, but to date my experience with the local estate agents there has been quite negative! One agent was adamant that 'we won't get a shared flat' because all the landlords are no longer willing to let to students on a shared rental basis! Another said we might, but it will be difficult with over 2 people and landlords will only let out at last minute if they don't get anyone else. I have a gut feeling this is going to be a nightmare. Has anyone any first hand experience of this? Has this been the case in previous years or is this something new? If it is the case that the landlords are all changing their policy, then I can see the school having a big problem on their hands.
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