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Victoria Marr

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I was watching FAB TV on FreeSat the other day and I saw a new ballet inspired workout Sleek Technique. There are several of these types of programs on the channel, but this one looked different. Checking their website, I found out that Victoria Marr, one of my favs from the BRB, developed it, with her friend Flik Swann. There are lots of nice photos on their website. The idea of doing a class via a Skype conference call is an interesting one, and this is the first site that I have seen that offers this. While obviously not as good as taking a class live, it should be superior to sticking on a DVD and following along. Since the instructors can see you via web cam, they could offer correction and encouragement. I assume they have a large screen which displays the web feeds from the participants in small windows. In schools that I have worked in, lessons in specialised subjects have been delivered by teleconferencing, and the students were not disadvantaged by the teacher not being physically there. I expect the remote delivery of excercise programs will increase.


Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with this company.

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