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Boris Eifman Ballet touring schedule

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Eifman Ballet reveals touring schedule for 2015. During this period the Company will tour worldwide with the new production Up & Down and present its selected repertory at the major ballet stages.


2014–2015 season:


27, 28 January – St. Petersburg, Alexandrinsky Theatre. Up & Down premiere


9, 10, 11 February – Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Up & Down premiere


14, 15 February – Bratislava, Slovak National Theatre. Up & Down premiere


7 March – Minsk, Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. Rodin


9, 10 March – Riga, Latvian National Opera. Up & Down premiere


2, 3 April – Bahrein. Anna Karenina


March–April – a series of 9 performances in St. Petersburg. Follow the schedule updates.


April 13 – June 16 – Canada (Montreal, Toronto  – Anna Karenina), USA (Minneapolis, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles – Rodin and Up & Down)


18, 19 June  – St. Petersburg. Season ending


2015–2016 season:


22–24 July  – Tel Aviv. Up & Down premiere


25–27 July  – Tel Aviv. Rodin


August – a series of performances in St. Petersburg


26, 27 August – Ljubljana. Requiem


August 29 – September 13 – Germany (Berlin, Munich, Mainz). Anna Karenina and Beyond Sin


10–26 September – Germnay, Austria (Dortmund, Duisburg, Salzburg, Ludwigsburg, Kiel, Berlin, Kassel). Rodin


29, 30 September, 1 October – Moscow, Bolshoi Theatre. Up & Down premiere


4–30 November – China (Beijing, Shanghai, Macao and other cities). Anna Karenina and Requiem


1–14 December – Turin. Christmas ballet season featuring performances of Anna Karenina, Onegin and Beyond Sin


Follow our updates to get the latest news on Eifman Ballet touring activities.

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Hello Artem and welcome to the Forum.  Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Eifman Ballet.  I hope you will continue to do so.


In accordance with the Forum's Acceptable Use Policy could I please ask you to add a signature to your profile?



"Commerce There is no bar to people representing commercial ventures from signing up to BalletcoForum with a view to spreading information about their wares or offering relevant services. "

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Dance*is*life - Thank you for your compliment :) About Up and Down…  From one side it's young man’s psychoanalyst drama. He has brilliant perspectives on his personal life and as professional, but finally he lost everything and came to self distraction.   And it’s all happened on «Roaring Twenties», jazz age… 

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