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Diana Vishneva On The Edge - thoughts?

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having just splashed out on tickets for Alina C and Ivan V in Swan Lake, I'm hesitating over another large wodge of cash for what would be a solo visit to see la Vishneva in April, though now would be the time to book as there are seats aplenty.  I've seen only brief snippets on Youtube - not quite sure whether it would be a great experience or a stretch of diva self indulgence.  Has anyone seen it elsewhere?

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Several years ago I went to a performance such as this (solo visit)  at the Orange County Performing Arts Center (Orange County, California) - it's a complex of theaters and concert halls and is considered a premiere venue for dance.  The tickets were very expensive and I was really looking forward to it.  


That particular program was disappointing to me.  Since I had never seen this acclaimed ballerina in a live performance, I was hoping for a mix of style and genre but there was not one moment of classical movement.  I would have liked at least one classical dance.  But that is a very personal opinion.  I didn't like any of the pieces she performed.  


If you go to Google and type in "Diana Vishneva Orange County Performing Arts Center" a number of pictures and reviews come up for more recent performances than the one I saw.  I didn't see any indication of including a classical bit - but I could be wrong - or perhaps that might not be what matters to you.


For me, I did find it indulgent and disappointing.  But again, I stress, that is just a personal opinion.

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from the programme entry it comprises a pas de trois called Switch and a solo piece Woman In a Room.  probably not what I'd have chosen to see her in given free rein, but you never quite know if you'll get another opportunity to see some of these artists, so I tend to grab what chances come along..  

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