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Degas 9502 leotard for sale. Unworn, black fit approx age 11


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This is a black meryl Degas 9502 leotard which was bought as a gift for my daughter for Christmas last year. The size is a child's age 14, but the fit of this style is notoriously small and it is better suited to an average 11-12 year old. It cost in excess of £40 and has been removed from the bag for trying on but never worn.

As stated it is a child's, and hence there is no inner lining. However the material is soft and thick. Beautiful leotard, if you look it up on the internet you will be able to see how nicely it sculpts the body. Sadly suddenly too small for my child before she had chance to wear it.

A great audition leotard.

I am selling for £17 plus postage.

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