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RIP Jack Bruce

Jan McNulty

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I had the great experience of attending a live Cream concert at Birmingham University in the '60s. It was remarkable that just three musicians could produce such intensity and complexity of music.


Two of my friends at uni. were sharing a flat with a girl who was a friend of Ginger Baker, and much to their delight he came round to their flat afterwards.


Eric Clapton was the biggest name in Cream, but Jack Bruce - RIP - played probably a more important part in the all-too-short career of the group.

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Jack Bruce was the genius behind Cream....he wrote most of the songs and sang them too (except Crossroads, but he made his bass sing for him), as well as doing some of the production. Pete Brown wrote most of the lyrics to their original songs, and the classically trained Bruce wrote the music. My husband recognized Pete Brown in a health food shop in Crouch End last year. He was stunned that anyone knew who he was, and he and hubby chatted for about twenty minutes and have stayed in sporadic touch. Jack Bruce was a trailblazer and was the first to use the bass guitar as a lead instrument: melodic, sexy and funky. He raised the bar and influenced all those who came after him. I'm so glad (see what I did there!) I saw them at their reunion concert at the Albert Hall in 2005. I was in the VIP area near the stage and they all looked like they were really enjoying it.


As I said on Facebook: RIP Jack Bruce. I hope you have found a white room in heaven where you can serenade the angels. Thanks for the music and the songs.

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Gosh Robin Trower looks better now than he did in the 70s!! He is currently on tour. Back then I thought he was a Hendrix rip-off, but I did love the album For Earth Below which I can remember buying. Now over the years he has found much more of his own voice through his guitar. What a great combo, him and Jack. Many thanks Janet!

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