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ljb associates audition age range


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I wanted to know whether you very kind people can help me understand what happened at my DS's audition


first thing to say is that he is only 7 and we went to the audition on recommendation of his teacher who has a few children with the LJB as well as RB Junior associates and a couple at WL.  I trust her opinion 100%


Anyway he went to the audition and didn't get in.  Totally fine with that as he is so little and inexperienced.


what I don't understand is why 11 year olds were in the audition class with my 7 year old when they had been dancing years longer than he had.  There is no way he knows as much as  they do and he cried when he came out of the audition as he said he didn't know half the things.  Maybe 7 is too young to audition but he wanted to have a go.  I guess my question is - are they all lumped together despite their ages and experience in all JA auditions?





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Hi Coniger,

Our experience has usually been of mixed age groups at these types of auditions. I am sorry that your ds was upset by it.


All I can say is that they know the age of all the children- they'll have info in front of them. Often they are looking for potential rather than current achievement.


If he wants to go again explain this to him. Also the teachers taking audition classes are always happy to explain if someone doesn't understand. Maybe his teacher could do a private lesson in audition style as practice? There are a few things they usually ask for like splits and frogs legs and these are things you can practice at home to boost confidence.


Finally boys develop differently to girls and are often less flexible and slower on co-ordination when younger. On the plus side they are often stronger and can jump higher. ...


Good luck for the future.

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In my experience of associate auditions it has been school year related.

He is very young so hopefully next year will be better for him. A child's very first audition is very daunting and at least he knows what to expect. I agree with the idea of a private lesson before hand which may give him that extra bit of confidence. Good luck

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I think the other thing to explain to him is that although there is a range of ages being auditioned together, they are not all directly competing against each other, and the youngest will not be expected to be able to do everything that the eldest can. In all probability there are a number of places for different ages and they will be comparing children who are close in age. For example, the EYB senior audition covers age 12 to 18, so there will be girls who have only just started secondary school and who have yet to start pointe work in the same audition as some who are basically adults. But they will be looking for different ages, abilities and sizes from within that group. They may want, say 8 smaller girls for roles that don't need to be en pointe, and 25 older ones for a large group piece en pointe - not all the places will go to the oldest. I would imagine it is similar for other organisations who audition a variety of ages together.

7 is very young and auditions can be stressful. I hope he isn't put off trying again in the future and that he feels happier very soon.

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