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  1. There are MA boys in Birmingham
  2. For the boys audition in London they had Mr Annear and two WL teachers who taught the boys at the school. The class was taught by the MA boys teacher so on that day they couldn’t do any better!
  3. yes my DS will be at white lodge too but is a couple of years older than your son so will be a different week although can't remember the date - all I know is it is week 2 because I looked back through my emails.
  4. don't worry I have called the intensive team - we got the same email as you - hopefully they will call back - but it is a yes. congratulations!
  5. Has anyone heard anything about the Bolshoi Ballet Academy summer intensive in New York and Connecticut and know anything about the standard etc? Thanks
  6. It is a great associate scheme and they really focus on technique. My DS went there and in his LJB class 2 girls and 2 boys got into Wl
  7. First thing I wanted to say is that I am only writing this as the mother of a DC that attended the course. We went after reading what was said about the course here. - but it definitely deserves a review. My DC went for a week and the change after a week working with all the guest teachers and Nicola was amazing. My DC already had spent a year at vocational school but what they learnt in that one week was more than they had learnt in the previous year. Nicola picked out what issues that they had in the first morning and a different dancing child came back a week later. This course was a game changer for my child and they will quite happily say that it was the best intensive that they have ever been on and they have been on lots the last three summers. Coniger xx
  8. There are other opportunities through Ja’s - marinsky at ROH and Sergei Polunin at the Paladium 😄. Just enjoy it
  9. Yes there are ballets throughout the year - look at schedule for ROH ( not nutcracker they use WL students) think they maybe doing sleeping beauty. It is all down to your height and whether you fit the costume. It is usually London JA’s and Eastleigh and mostly boys who get the opportunity
  10. Hi Lara - the Intensives are a bit a minefield in how they choose the kids - photos very important. If you are a JA it doesn't give you an advantage and you have to go through the same process and it is no prediction on whether they will get a WL place at the end of year 6. In my DS class there were boys who didn't get a place at any intensive who ended up getting white lodge places and there were others who got every intensive and boy parts in the ballets and didn't get through. The intensives are a great experience though and lots of fun! xx
  11. Emma Northmore has started her vocational program on Saturdays in London - sorry don't know how young your boy is but if he is too young I am sure she might tell you about ballet boost on Sundays. Also London Junior Ballet which is at Arts Ed at Chiswick on Sunday mornings has an extra audition in September for that term start also Young Dancers Academy has now got a boys only ballet and general dance scheme on Saturday afternoons for 6-11 year olds I think it was announced today. You could also try Danceworks opposite Selfridges for their academy Hope that helps
  12. Got an email saying my DS was number 1 on the waitlist. We never went to the audition in the end and so they have only seen photos. Really really bizarre! They must be desperate for boys if the email wasn’t sent in error!!!
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