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  1. we took my DC out of vocational school at the end of year 7 as we weren't happy with the academics, pastoral care or the ballet training. We home schooled for a year and then we put him back into a normal school who let him out to train. In the year that he was back in school he auditioned and gained a place at white lodge which he turned down and a month after that decided he didn't want to dance anymore. It was the best decision for him. The teacher that got him over the disastrous year at vocational school and trained him through his home schooling and back into an academic school was Jose Martin at Raw Talent. He taught my son ballet to the highest level but more importantly became a mentor and gave him space to discover what he actually wanted to do. He may no longer do ballet but it is/was a success story for the happy person he is today. I don't work for Raw Talent but I am a big believer in what they do and am forever grateful for what they did for my son 07587 110166 info@rawtalentballetcoaching.com
  2. Hi, When my son was a MA last year he wore a thin belt and rolled his tights over it to keep them up - belt is better than elastics Con x
  3. Raw Talent Ballet Coaching with Jose Martin and Kerry Birkett have the last few places left on their summer course for vocational level students. Seniors from 23-25th August Juniors from 26-28th August in Chesham with easy access from London and M25 close to train station. small individual groups with lots of personal corrections - contemporary and sports coaching included email info@rawtalentballetcoaching.com for further information
  4. Hi Balletmum2020 i don’t know if you are in the UK but José Martin and Kerry Birkett from raw talent ballet coaching work with vocational students for auditions and ballet coaching throughout Europe and the wider world. My son has been with them three years and has had a lot of success With them
  5. We took my DS out of a vocational school after year 7 - found a fantastic school who were flexible and with a combination of private coaching (an hour away) and various associate schemes he got a place at white lodge for year 10 this year so yes it can be done from home. Rather than go to white lodge he has opted to carry on training from home. So many different paths to take and vocational school is not always the best path to take
  6. Jose Martin is an incredible coach. he does both vocational and post grad coaching and has amazing results. happy to give you his phone number
  7. my DS was offered a mids place off the wait list in August - rbs associate office is closed for a month over the summer
  8. YDA is a lovely school - only about 50 in full time training. Their academic results are brilliant for GCSE and no they don't have traditional boarding facilities but do have accommodation. I know a boy there who is very happy.
  9. Another brilliant summer school - although a bit older is Raw Talent Juniors 11-14 - 26-28th August Seniors 15 plus - 23-25 August My son has been taught by Jose for three years now and with his amazing teaching my DS has been offered a year 10 place at WL amongst other students who also got offered places there. HIs courses are amazing. (BTW I don't work for them - just one very happy parent!) The standard is very high and the classes are small so if anyone interested and can get to Buckinghamshire (close to Tring) you can email them on rawt_alent@outlook.com
  10. Philippa is an amazing PBT teacher. She taught my DS and he improved so much under her guidance. Look her up on instagram!
  11. London Senior and Junior ballet is amazing and brilliant for technique with small classes. My DS went there along side RBS JA's and Ballet Boost and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is still there now and has been offered a year 10 place at white lodge so highly recommend. May is their big intake so have a better chance of getting in then rather than September
  12. What if you have to give notice at your present school before the beginning of term. End of April will be too late!
  13. my DS did wL finals in 2018 and we were given 10 days notice of finals......
  14. All places at Wl will have been given out by the intensive
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