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Tring feature in Got to Dance semis and finals


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I hope this is ok to post, but I just wanted to say how well Tring Park students, Kaine and Jaih from Boy Band have done in this year's Got to Dance.

My DD has just finished her first year on the dance course and we have nothing but praise for the school in every area. In dance and academic the tuition has been amazing and most importantly, the atmosphere is vibrant and caring. I know some parents with DD's and DS's dont know what to make of Tring, but we've found the ballet training to be fantastic and they also have the plus of having plenty of modern/jazz/tap/drama/singing on the curriculum to keep other doors open in contemporary and commercial dance, not to mention the wonderful opportunity to dance with The English National Ballet in The Nutcracker each Christmas. I wish there was more MDS funding for this wonderful school!

We'll be voting for Kaine tonight! ;)

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I have edited the OP to remind Kaine's surname. He may be known to many of you on here but on the TV programme I think I'm right in saying they only give first names of minors. I'm happy to stand corrected if needs be but thought it best.


(He has a fabulous talent!)

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