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    Flat in Tring

    Hi. Sam's flat has already been taken but just get him to ask Tiff or Imogen maybe as their flat might still be available. Last year we had no problem but we took over from some third years too.
  2. I can give you the number to the people who run it if you would like more info. My DD I did this from 12 till 16 and then became a chaperone for two summers. Great course. Fab teachers and students come from all over as the faculty is so diverse and well known. They keep the kids entertained every evening too. First time she went I flew up with her and they met her at the airport. Same at the end. I flew back up to watch the presentation and bought her back with me but after I knew she would be okay being met as they are waiting for them as soon as they come off the plane in Edinburgh.
  3. Annaliesey, dates are; Eastleigh. The Point on Wednesday 20 Apr at 7.30pm. Brecon, Theatr Brycheiniog on Sunday 24 Apr AR 2.30pm. Stevenage. Gordon Craig Theatre on Tues 26 Apr at 7.30pm. Leeds. Riley Theatre on Thur 28 Apr at 7.30pm. Leicester, Sue Townsend Theatre on Saturday 30 Apr at 7.30pm. Ipswich, Dance East, Jerwood Dance house on Mon 2 May at 7.30pm. Sevenoaks, stag Theatre on Wednesday 4 May AR 7.30pm. Sadlers Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio on Saturday 7 May at 7.45pm. If you want anymore info please PM me. Great show. Talented dancers and amazing choreography.
  4. I have just returned from seeing the preview of Encore. The third year touring company. It was absolutely fantastic. Try to see one of their shows in the next 3weeks if you want to see the quality of dancers they are producing right now! My DD has had a wonderful 3years at Tring and has got involved in anything she could from helping teaching on Saturday to holiday courses. Everything is there for them if they grasp a hold and give it there all. I would not hesitate to recommend the school. When my DD was ill they acted quickly and correctly. PM me if I can help more.
  5. I am off to watch Encore. It's the Tring graduates touring company. Really looking forward to seeing DD and friends perform.If anyone interested in seeing them and what Tring gets out of their dancers let me know. They are touring for 3 wk and all over UK. X
  6. It's a great experience and always been a lovely day out. The dancers make life long friends here. My DD has many from the UK and Italy from the awards and is now at vocational school with a couple! Enjoy it and I look forward to hearing about your day!
  7. Had the pleasure of seeing this Friday. The students put the whole show together from auditioning their fellow dancers, promotion, choreography, lighting the works. It was outstanding and a shame it was only on for one night! Well done to all the third years!
  8. I have had the pleasure of seeing one and they are beautiful. He is very talented . X
  9. My DD is now at 3rd year voccational and its time to audition for jobs. They all catch the train into London with high hopes and some get a yes and others a no. Each audition gives a different outcome. I am learning to love the happy phone calls and accept the text message! She calls when she is over the annoyance of a no. She knows I am here whatever the outcome. My point is to let your DD know that this is a never ending process. Be who you are. Let the passion be seen and that's all you can ask. On here we support each other so and it really is true. A no today could be a yes tomorrow. Many routes to a happy and fulfilling career. Be strong. Get wine in. I am sure your DD will bounce back and find her route. That's the wonderful thing about dance and tge commitment needed. It gives them tools to put things into perspective. As parents we just worry! Our job for life I guess! Keep us in touch and hugs sent x
  10. I think that the Dada covers or goes towards tuition. Not accommodation. We receive a maintenance grant towards accommodation and living. First two years I had to still find £6000 each year towards accommodation though as it falls very short of where my DD attends. I had to remortgage! Now in her 3rd year though and the grant covers rent but I do still have to give her at least £200 each month for food and bit. Hope that helps !
  11. My DD first year at vocational I took the schools Bupa policy as I was new to having private healthcare so felt safer going with them. The second year however I called Bupa direct and was amazed at how much cheaper I could get her own policy for. Definitely worth a call to deal direct. Single policy's seem to work out better over group policy's ironically! Go figure. We have made one claim this year for something small really but would have cost me £1000! It has made no difference to my new terms and I felt they were easy to deal with. The school did help guide me too. Shop around...it saved me close to £250 this year!
  12. Agree on all counts... But I also know how i was when I was a child. Let's not expect our children to be organised when we most likely were not! As parents we see the other side and think our children will 'use their common sense' and look after things ...did we at their age? I look back at what I put my parents thru...and I love my mum and dad!
  13. Definitely! My DD was at local school and an associate class. She is now in her third year at Tring. It happens so go for the dream whatever that maybe. Good luck on the adventure and keep us in touch!
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