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teacher in London for RAD Advanced 2


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Hello - I am wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a teacher in London for some classes to help prepare a dancer for an Advanced 2 RAD exam this summer. My DD  has done a lot of Advanced 2 classes and her former teacher is willing to enter her to take the exam this summer when she is at home. However, she'd like to take some classes in the meantime while she is in London. She has asked around without success. She'd be willing to take part in some group classes or have a few private classes depending on what would work with her schedule and what would be offered to her. 

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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I think my daughter told me she tried that but now I will definitely doublecheck on that. It does seem that would be a good way to find someone. So I will do that but would still welcome any suggestions from forum members.

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In case others are interested, I thought I would share what I found out. There is an Intensive Course for Advanced 1 & 2 Students on the 18 May and 1 June. I can't find a link to the info on the site or I would include it. (They sent me a brochure with application form.)


There is also an Intensive Examination Syllabus Course  for levels Intermediate Foundation up to Advanced 2 from the 26 – 30 August. 


As well, they mentioned that  it  may be a possibility to organise some private lessons at RAD HQ depending on studio and faculty availability. Private lessons at the moment cost £52.00 per hour without a pianist ( music on CD ) or £80 per hour with a pianist. These prices will go up slightly in August to £53.00 per hour and £81.00 per hour.


I am wondering - does anyone have a DD interested in Adv2 semi-privates? If any list members are interested, let me know and we can figure out how to make contact. 

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1) RAD HQ has Adv 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays - https://www.rad.org.uk/learn-to-dance/our-dance-school-in-london/enrolling/term-dates

Click on the timetable to see the times for the summer term, you have to pay for the whole term.

2) Central School of Ballet - RAD Adv 2 Sundays

Drop in classes


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