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Cannot copy Clipboard into Text Window since Win 7 update

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This is a bit bizarre. I find that with Windows 7 (albeit running on a Mac) and Internet Explorer 10 I can copy and paste between different parts of the forum or from Word into a forum posting without trouble. The only caveat is that the Paste option is disabled on the popup you get when you Control-Click so you have to paste via the keyboard's Cntrl-V. With Safari (for Windows) that's not the case. I wonder if it's a funny of Explorer 10.

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I use firefox as my main browser.  When I copy and paste the press releases it can be slower or faster depending on the format of the press releases - slower from word or pdf but not direct from the email, but not as slow as when I paste in the links.


It's been like this since some Windows upgrades a couple of months ago.  I didn't think too much about it because my laptop is 3 1/2 years old.

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Set my DS on this as I have been totally unable to copy and paste anything into the reply box, from the forum or elsewhere.  Not a solution but instead of using Control-Click, copy the message using ctrl c, then in the reply box click on the BBcodemode button (top left) before using the ctrl v to paste.


Actually control-click also works for me as long as I still click the bbcodemode button before attempting to paste.

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