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Pure speculation: do we think the DADA system will change this year?


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As it changed so late last year, is it possible it will change again this year?


And do you think dance schools/colleges will be offering English & Maths GCSE as children have to continue studying if they haven't passed?


I'm just cogitating.......

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Unfortunately I doubt it.  Even if the govt has taken on board all the criticisms I think it would take a lot longer before anything changes.  Equally I doubt if the dance schools/colleges will offer English & Maths GCSE.  If these are obligatory then it is more likely that they will say that passing these exams will be necessary before a student can be accepted..

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Personally I wonder imagine they will be looking to see if the new DADA works (for them not us) over at least a 2 year period before implanting any changes and then I can only assume it will take a couple of years on top of that to actually make the changes.


Re English and maths - I think that will depend on the actual school/college. Like PDQ I suspect that students will have had to pass these subjects to be accepted onto the course. However, those that offer A levels may be able to offer English and Maths GCSE, instead of A levels. I know one of the options on the A level selection table was actually GCSE Maths when DD started 2 years ago. I guess it is a balancing act though as they need a minimum number of students at a school usually for a subject to be offered and I doubt any school will want to disadvantage students wanting to take A levels in favour of those who have not passed GCSES.

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