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Darcey Bussell filming a BBC2 documentary

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From this week's links:


"It's about the history of dance and looking at the divas of the ballet world. I'll be travelling to Russia to speak to a lot of dancers over there."


I wonder if she'll be speaking to ... ? :)



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I read a write up of a discussion she held at a book festival relatively recently (can't remember which one) and she said sometimes when she was about to go on stage, jealous colleagues from the RB would whisper criticisms or bitchy comments in her ear to put her off. I know the ballet world is competitive, but I found that pretty unbelievable.

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If it's the write-up from the Aye Write festival, she seemed to refer to rival ballerinas but pointed out that it was hardly 'Black Swan' like.




Any work environment can be difficult, and I have yet to work in an office with more than 20 people where everyone gets on like a house on fire. Taking into consideration that dancers tend to work very very hard towards their career, it doesn't seem surprising that there is the occasional conflict or less-than-professional rivalry.

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