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HELP with identification please!

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Good thought, but I've tried this through the Deviantart site, but no reply! We have been given some glorious photo-prints of this guy (bought through the site) - and I'd love to give him a name.


I'm just hoping that someone on here will go "Oh yes, that's . . . " !

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Don't know where you are based but there is a very large and well established Turkish community in London.....this might be one for them....there might even be a cultural department I'm sure someone there will know!

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This could be useful or not!!


London Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre

10, Maple Street

W.1T 5HA

0207 387 3036

Website: www.yunusemrevakfi.com


It's a rather specialised thing your picture so may not be much joy but you could try.

I believe there is also a large community in New York so you could be lucky there too


There are other London places too.

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The only really famous dancer I can find is Baris Erhan there are some YouTube clips and rather poor photos etc could it be him?


I suppose the person who was posing was an actual ballet dancer and not a model or anything? That's it for now anyway!!

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Thank you so much, LinMM, for all those tips! I really do appreciate it.


I have so far sent an email to the various Turkish ballet companies with a link to The Picture, and peered closely at the photos of Baris Erhan - and almost convinced myself that it is he! I'd like confirmation, though, so shall keep digging. 

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