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Glastonbury Festival

Sheila Beelam

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Just thought I'd start a thread on The Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts or Glasto which is a little easier to type!

My first Glasto was 1990 with my OH and I wore the tshirt purchased then, to the festival this weekend. Music and festivals really have been a part of my life since I was a teen.

We "indoctrinated" our girls with music from when they were babes - Saturday nights were for putting on records and "dancing" round the sitting room! It therefore seemed completely normal to scoop the girls up and take them with us to Glasto. Children are welcome (and free!) and there's plenty for them to do.

Yes, toilets are not nice, but we took a toilet tent with our own porta loo and camped in the family field so all was safe and as clean as "normal" camping.

Our girls are 17 and 14 now and very used to all things festival. We have been to others, but Glasto offers more than the others, it is after all a festival of arts, not simply music sponsored by large corporations.

In addition to seeing great music this year, we learnt about working with leather, making dog collars for our 3 pooches, complete with names embossed!

We learnt how to weave with willow, watched magic acts, cabaret and comedy. DD had her "toes read" (?) and we practiced circus skills. We listened to poetry readings and debates on politics and then relaxed in the sunshine with a cream tea in vintage china cups.

Yes there was lots of drinking all around, but we saw NO trouble from the 170,000 people there, which is more than can be said for most town centres on a Saturday night!

Glasto should be added to the list of things to do...

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I didn't realise about toilet tents so this could solve the problem of wondering how far the trek to the loo might be at 4am!!


A friend of mine who has a 15 year old son (and 11 year old daughter) asked me a month or so ago if I might like to go next year as son is now keen to go.


However last week was told son has now just got a girlfriend so by this time next year he probably won't want us oldies around anyway!!

Sounds like you had a busy time of it too did you get to see the Stones?

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Don't know if this was the big total eclipse of 1999 I had just moved to Brighton and watched from the top of the nearby down. I'm sure Glastonbury as a place is more enjoyable without thousands of people there though!!

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It wasn't 1999 - I was in the garden with baby daughter for that one. She was under a Broderie Anglaise parasol, and it was quite amazing to watch the sunlight filtering through the tiny holes - they turned from spots of light to little crescents :rolleyes:


I think the Glastonbury eclipse was in the early 1980's - can't remember if it was a total one or not.

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