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BRB North East: Grand Tour/Bit Sized Ballet/ Take 5

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I'm just home from seeing BRB at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham this evening as part of their North East tour. Think it's the first night.


First of all I want to say how delighted I am that BRB have come to perform in Nottingham for the first time since they became BRB! As I tend to travel down to London because it's almost easier for me than travelling to Birmingham, I'm not familiar with either BRB's rep or their dancers so tonight was a real treat and most welcome. I'll attempt some comments as an amateur spectator.......(just a huge ballet fan, not an expert!).


The programme was a very varied one, designed to show off their diverse rep and their fabulous dancers - they certainly succeeded in that! 


The first part was The Grand Tour set to music by Noel Coward. Some great comedic dancing, but much as I love Coward's music, this particular dance piece did not engage me hugely I have to admit, so I'll gloss over that.....


Anyway, after the first interval the next section was 3 'bite-sized pieces', all of which I loved. PDD from Giselle Act 2, beautifully danced by Nao Sakuma and Jamie Bond.

Then excerpts from Ashton's Facade: utterly wonderful, an absolute joy. The 'Popular Song' was so brilliantly danced the whole audience was in stitches...!

And finally PDD from Ashton's The Dream: just perfect, lyrical and ethereal. Stunningly danced by Elisha Willis and Joseph Caley. 


Then after the second interval was Bintley's Take 5. Wow. Utterly fabulous. Music by Brubeck expertly played by the jazz quartet in the pit - huge cheer for them! Dancing sublime. Jazzy heaven meets ballet in wonderful joyously amazing choreography. I can't find my thesaurus right now - oops I've run out of adjectives and descriptive words on this piece. Just loved it. What a great way to end a show  - all the audience were skipping out at the end. 


So, overall, great mixed programme. Something for everyone. I can't thank BRB enough for coming to Nottingham and the huge cheers from the audience tonight means I'm not alone. Please come again - we love you! 

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Review of the BRB show in our local Nottingham paper here: http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/Review-Birmingham-Royal-Ballet-Royal-Concert-Hall/story-18970895-detail/story.html#axzz2T9yPVDYq


I echo the reviewer's sentiments totally! Especially the bit about hoping this visit by BRB to Nottingham will not be a one-off! 




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