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  1. I have the Dream /Symphonic Variations/M and A on DVD and it's a really good picture on my basic TV Alison.
  2. I would be very surprised to see McRae back at all this season.
  3. The Sound of Movie Musicals programme is in 3 parts, the first of which starts on Friday 14th December on BBC4 at 9 pm.
  4. It has been mentioned on the ROH news page and on McRae's social media pages that he won't be back before Romeo and Juliet.
  5. Incidentally for anyone interested in Mayara Magri there is a video clip on the ROH facebook page of a rehearsal from Act 2 of Mayerling.
  6. What I do not understand is why McRae has been named in the Swan Lake casting for the tour to Madrid. I thought the reason there were only six casts for the London run was due to time and money.
  7. Sarah lamb has also danced Aurora and Juliet in cinema screenings in recent years.
  8. I have a spare amphitheatre ticket £31 if you would like it. Please reply ASAP as I have to leave to travel at 8.15 am.
  9. I don't suppose it matters about the cast sheets as they aren't printed too far in advance. However Polunins' bio and picture were in the recent programme I bought.
  10. Geoff, I think the events in the ballet take course over a period of eight years which would make Mary about 10 in Act 1. so you are correct. Stephanie was 16 when she married Rudolph, who would have been aged 22 when he married and 30 when he died.
  11. McRae partnered her beautifully in Mayerling.
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