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Tring Park summer school


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My daughter done this last year, runs from 10-4 daily, so no you cannot stay there, they did a bit if everything, ballet, modern, character, contemporary - age dependent, start from age 8 and goes up - they are put in class of ability, as on application need to put current grades on.


She loved it and is doing it again this year.

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Sounds lovely, I wonder why boarding isn't an option if the school has broken up...?

Basically it would vastly increase the price for a start and non boarding is less of an administrative nightmare. This is only my educated guess as someone who knows some of the staff very well....


This summer school is relatively new so you never know it might involve boarding in the future but the Easter course is residential. - again I stress I don't know any facts, just guessing!

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My DD has a place this year but that's all I know still awaiting more details. I asked if she had a place because we don't live in the UK so needed to book flights. I don't think it's residential because the MT and Rock school summer schools are happening at the same time so I presume there isn't enough room for any more. I'm not sure when we will hear more.

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