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The London Ballet Company - Associates or No?


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Hi all


My daughter is 8 and has been accepted to the The London Ballet Company Associate programme.


The LTBC studio is an hour ish drive from us (it was previously in Wimbledon now in Hackey)... I didn't realise they were moving when we applied (Wimbledon would have been easier / better). 


We've never done anything like this before and I'd welcome views from others on the how beneficial Associate programmes are? Do kids form bonds / build friendships (2 hours a session, once a month), any experience of TLBC would be amazing.


Thank you in advance!


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  • Jan McNulty changed the title to TLBC Associate programme - (The London Ballet Company)

My older daughter has been going for a year and my younger daughter is attending the week long intensive this week. My older daughter enjoys the classes and finds the lessons fun and challenging. She’s not really got chatting with the other girls but they work hard and don’t really have much time to talk. My little one though who was at the intensive week starting today and has two friends already! But I think being there all day helps them get to know each other.  They both enjoy it and will be going back in September. 

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I don't have experience of TLBC, but my dd did various associate schemes and also a Youth Ballet company during her training.


Yes she benefitted from them in terms of training and experience

Yes she made friendships, some of which resurrected many years later when they met up again at auditions and through work


BUT the timetable has to work for you and your family otherwise it will drag you all down.

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My daughter was a Senior TLBC Associate this season and has just performed with the company at their latest show - she’s had a wonderful experience made new friends and absolutely loved the intensive week and show last week getting the opportunity to dance directly with the company in an incredibly moving performance  . They are an absolutely lovely , nurturing and very modern ballet company & I thoroughly recommend their associate scheme ! 

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  • 2 years later...

My daughter has been invited to be an associate for the London Ballet Company - we’ve never done anything like this before. 

It’s obviously not cheap, I am just wondering what people make of it? 

My daughter loves dance and is naturally flexible - ballet is her favourite style but she’s not the most disciplined child. I’m hoping it helps her technique and exposure to ballet - but I’ve not been able to find much info about this associate programme.

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My daughter has been offered a place after attending a masterclass with her ballet school. 

In order to do the associates programme - she’ll have to drop one of her other clubs. She wants to do this! 

I’m just struggling to find information about TLBC associates online. Any of the conversations on here are 4+ years old. 

Any more recent updates or experiences? 

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