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Tight calves, knee pain


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So I am that guy who says not to be obsessed about stretching and to lift weights! but now I have stereotype dancer anterior patella pain (doesn't bother me in plié on both, twinges and seems stiff in fondus on that side). I have the impression my calves are ultra tight and this is communicating itself to the knee.


What's a good stretch programme and does anyone have advice?

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Number 1 - see a physiotherapist - you want to make sure that you've got to the source of the knee problem so you don't make it worse.

Number 2 - pilates with a good pilates instructor, preferably 1 to 1 or small group so that they can focus on your particular needs.

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Yeah, see the physio: you know the drill, find one with experience with dancers, do the exercises, incorporate them into ongoing practice. We (my wife and I)  have a collection of them at this stage  that we use in meant-to-be-every-morning conditioning/stretching practice.


Could be a couple of

things other than calves, so best to ask an expert.

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Point about locking the knees is a good one - tried to maintain the tiniest bit of flex in class yesterday and you know, it's bothering me less today even though I've done a heavy squats workout this morning.

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