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Jewellery in auditions


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Hi pointytoes22. Good luck with your auditions. I guess it depends what you are auditioning for but my opinion is to avoid the sparkle, especially if the auditions are for ballet schools. Jewellery is not allowed at the schools as far as I know and usually states on the audition forms 'no jewellery'. Best to keep it clean and simple and show off your dancing. Best of luck!

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A girl at one of the RBS insight days i went to with my dd wore striped socks and had her hair in a ponytail!! I wouldn't encourage my dd to wear any slides unless they were grips of her hair colour for an audition. It usually suggests a plain bun. Could you hide it in the bun if it is for luck!?

And best of luck!!

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The plainer the better, let your beauty shine through your dancing. That said you could allow yourself one very discreet lucky one in your bun! Absolutely no to sparkly hair clips though!!


If you are auditioning for senior school though it doesn't hurt to have a liitle, again discreet, make up so as to demonstrate an ability to present oneself beautifully.

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