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News: GradPro - the new vocational dance project for 2020 and 2021 graduates

Jan McNulty

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It’s a move in the right direction in supporting our graduates in showcasing their talents and gaining contracts. 👏 Not as expensive as The Grand Audition either. The challenge will be to get artistic directors into the seats to watch. My children graduated recently in back to back years. Two artist directors attended Ds’s performances and two male contracts were offered. None attended Dds 😞 and so no contracts. Sadly I feel getting ADs to travel to the U.K. or to attend at all is tough. My children’s school AD tried really hard but they just didn’t come, not even from the schools associate company. It was a real let down.

I feel that the only way to go is to travel and audition at individual companies like everyone else and suck in the cost £££££ 😬
Well done to BBO for trying though and I wish them all success. 

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Really interesting but in drilling down the info it does almost feel a bit like a competition….? And I fear that element whilst yes, it’s a competitive industry, is exactly the part that needs to NOT be part of this. Will the aligned schools just not select their best & favoured students to enter or encourage to apply? And they’ll support them with coaching on pieces…. But isnt tgat missing the point in those who have already graduated in these troubling times may not have that support/studio use etc etc - precisely the people who have been so disadvantaged that should be benefitted by this may well be yet further on the back foot? The coaching should be in advance of the Regional showcases IMHO. Perhaps several open classes nationwide with then selection of students to coach a few sessions regionally & then showcases….???

It otherwise could risk being kind of another Fonteyn/YGAP…

Not clear if it’s international too…ie. students say completed 3 years at PGA/Bolshoi etc etc or is the assumption that it’s for UK grads who do seem to get woeful support from attendance by industry pros with contract opportunities at showcases etc…. 

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As a mother of graduate and what we are going through & making research on right now, I am so amazed how much pre-professional courses are jumping on my search feed. They are growing faster than mushrooms in local forest. More alarming for me is that a lot seems to be still virtual (zoom, we will send you materials to learn) etc. 
This seems to be very similar what Grand Audition is doing, just slightly different format.

I will sit tight for a 1st year and see where the participants end up, same as I am watching all those pre-professional programs that many pay over 10k a year. (After 3 years of professional training at school).

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A reminder of our next ZOOM event tonight!  

Dance educator and former RB dancer JULIE BOWERS will be in conversation with Zurich / BRB principal BRANDON LAWRENCE


Tuesday 16 January 2024



Julie and Brandon are the co-directors and creators of the GRADPRO programme for graduating students, which they have extended this year to include week long work experience with RB, BRB and Northern Ballet.


Julie is also the CEO of bbodance.


This zoom is free to LBC members.


all others can book to join here:


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