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Kings international Pre Vocational associates

Ballet Power

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4 hours ago, Ballet Power said:

Does anyone have any details about kings? My daughter has been offered a place on the prevocational associates course from just the photos and form. Does this mean they accept most that apply or is it selective? 

Hi @Ballet Power My dd was selected last year and as far I know years before it was always based on face to face audition. Last year was different because of covid first part was photos & application form (first screening) and then my dd had to submit a video so similar to other schools' auditions. My dd absolutely loves the school, it's almost every Saturday, very intense, she is there from 10am - 4pm, 2 hrs of ballet in the morning & every week different styles / workshop in the afternoon. I don't know how they do it this year though but in my opinion it is a great school to consider...x

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My dd is starting the pre-vocational associates at Kings in September. She did the summer school there last year and loved it, plus has been taught by one of the directors previously as part of a different programme. As @Macmacsays, in ‘normal’ times it is entrance by audition only, so definitely selective - I wouldn’t let that put you off. 

Dd is giving up another associate programme to move to Kings - not an easy decision but she feels it’s the right move for her. My experience of the teachers/directors so far has been really positive, it seems like a really ‘nurturing’ school, if that makes sense? 

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