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English National Ballet - BalletActive at home


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When ENB issued their press release the other week



I meant to point out that their BalletActive classes are now available online (paid-for).  I'm considering trying them out over the Christmas break, as I have a long patch with no lessons coming up.

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I looked at them via the 7 day trial for my son, and have paid for the next month.

from what I can see and my son says so as well, it is an excellent resource to have.

Definitely worth £9.99 per month as a one off or as an ongoing subscription.


Going from Beginners/Improvers to Intermediate/Advanced and Professional with Tamara Rojo includes Ballet, Contemporary and Yoga as well. Teachers are clear and informative, well paced, with a dancer also demonstrating the movements alongside the tuition.


as a non dancer but somebody who just loves Contemporary dance, the contemporary teacher and classes I found enjoyable and straightforward enough to join in with my son; much to his dismay 😂

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I've put together a separate thread combining English National Ballet's online classes and performances.  If you're aware of anything else which ought to be moved into it, or linked to, please let me know.



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