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Dutch National Ballet's "Dancing Apart Together"

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Sadly I did not see the Dutch National Ballet's "Dancing Apart Together" but I have an excellent account from someone who did as well as some beautiful photos of the show by Hans Gerritsen and Michel Schnater which the company's press officer kindly sent me.

This was the company's first live performance since lock-down and the review is my first review of a live performance since March.

According to Yvonne Charlton who saw a matinee performance on 20 Sept the show consisted of 12 short pieces starting with Fokine's Dying Swan, continuing with van Manen's Solo and David Dawson's On the Nature of Daylight and then 8 new works by Ted Brandsen, Ernst Meisner,  Juanjo Arques and others.   Even though the orchestra consisted only of strings and the audience was a quarter of the auditorium's capacity it must have been a wonderful experience.

Yvonne's article is Terpichore's is our first review of a live show since lock-down.   It is good to be blogging about dance again.   

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I think it is Alison.  However they only streamed 4 of the pieces from the show.


Thank you Terpsichore for the review which I enjoyed reading.  Het National Theater is probably my most favourite venue in the world as it so comfortable and not to be able to go there at the moment is a real shame.  I really miss Amsterdam performances and to think Onegin will be on there next year!!!

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