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Winter ballet course


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  • Jan McNulty changed the title to Winter ballet course
57 minutes ago, Dancer13 said:

In England 


That is a pretty large area!


I am currently of the feeling that many courses may be offered online.


ENB has a page about intensives but just says that the pages will be updated when they come available.  If you look through the forum you can see where previous intensives have been held and perhaps see if any are planned.  If by winter you mean October half-term you've left it very late to be looking.  If you mean over the Christmas holidays then there seem to be far fewer on offer but I think Ballet Boost have offered courses during that period before now.


The usual times for intensives seem to be around Easter and over the summer.

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Yes there is one going to be done by José Martin and Kerry Birkett in Hertfordshire observing covid guidelines so number are limited.  Juniors are 12-14 and seniors 15 +.  The company is called raw talent and think it is advertised on Instagram under rawt_alent.  3 days each course 

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